For the city in Uldum, see Orsis.
NeutralOrsis tribe
Main leader Unknown
Secondary leaders  General Ammantep (military)
 Itesh (civilian)
Race(s) Tol'vir Tol'vir
Capital Orsis, Uldum
Language(s) Titan (presumed)
Affiliation Ramkahen tribe
Status Crippled Cataclysm
Defeated (lore)[1]

The Orsis tribe is a group of tol'vir that controls the territory of western Uldum. They lived in peace with the other tol'vir tribes for a long time, until the Neferset tribe allied themselves with Deathwing and the elemental lord Al'Akir. When the Orsis were given the same choice, they refused and as punishment were buried, along with their city, by a massive sandstorm.

Many members of the tribe were killed, though some were saved or lucky enough to not be in the city at the time. Prince Nadun offered the survivors refuge in Ramkahen.[2]

Known members


  • Although they are their own tribe, they are flagged as part of the Ramkahen for gameplay purposes.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • It's unknown if this tribe had a king or pharaoh (since they make no reference to any leader) like the other two tribes, or if he was simply killed when the sandstorm hit. General Ammantep appears to be the highest ranking survivor and is presumed to be their current leader.
  • It's also unknown if the Orsis officially merged with the Ramkahen after their devastating loss of people or remain separate.