Osul tribe

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NeutralOsul tribe
Jung Duk.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Yaungol Male.gif Jung Duk
Secondary leaders

IconSmall Yaungol Male.gif Gong Da
IconSmall Yaungol Male.gif Battat
IconSmall Yaungol Male.gif Urang

IconSmall Yaungol Male.gif Ku-Tong
Race(s) Yaungol Yaungol
Base of operations Fire Camp Osul
Theater of operations

Ox Gate
Shado-Li Basin
Upper Sumprushes

Lower Sumprushes
Language(s) Taur-ahe (presumed)

The Osul are a tribe of yaungol raiders spread across the Townlong Steppes that are trying to push their way into Kun-Lai Summit through the Ox Gate.


A large army of their warriors made their way into the Shado-Li Basin, aided by their allies, the Gai-Cho tribe.[1] They brought a powerful war host to bear, utilizing siege weaponry, and even managed to hold a small section of the wall for a short time,[2] before their leader, Gong Da, was slain.[3]

From Fire Camp Osul, they plotted further incursions into Kun-Lai, led by the newly-appointed Jung Duk, who rose to power through treachery.[4] In response, a Shado-Pan counteroffensive attacked them where it hurt: releasing their corralled Long-Haired Yaks and Steppebeasts,[5] stealing the highly flammable pitch they used on their weaponry,[6] and freeing the Longying Rangers they had captured.[7] Ultimately, Jung Duk was slain, though there were casualties. Lin Silentstrike was among their victims, which indirectly caused the demise of the Palewind tribe.[8]

Nearby, their Mist-Shamans, led by Jahesh of Osul, have invaded the Upper and Lower Sumprushes, using torches to drain the Mistwalkers of their vitality.[9] These shaman were defeated, however, by the combined might of Golgoss, Arconiss, and Orbiss, who sacrificed themselves to save their people.[10]

Osul Leadership

Name Role Status Location
Mob  Jung Duk Osul Chief Killable Fire Camp Osul, Townlong Steppes
Mob  Gong Da Leader assaulting the Ox Gate Killable Shado-Li Basin, Kun-Lai Summit
Mob  Jahesh of Osul Leader of the Mist-Shaman Killable Upper Sumprushes, Townlong Steppes
Mob  Lon the Bull Champion that patrols the Fire Camp Killable Fire Camp Osul, Townlong Steppes
Mob  Battat One of Jung Duk's champions Killable Fire Camp Osul, Townlong Steppes
Mob  Urang One of Jung Duk's champions Killable Fire Camp Osul, Townlong Steppes
Mob  Ku-Tong One of Jung Duk's champions Killable Fire Camp Osul, Townlong Steppes
Mob  Katak the Defeated Disgraced Osul warrior Killable Fire Camp Osul, Townlong Steppes

Osul Classes

Kun-Lai Summit

Townlong Steppes

Osul Siege Weaponry