HordeOut of Jovite
Start Morketh Bladehowl
End Morketh Bladehowl
Level 20-40
Category Talador
Experience 14250
Rewards [Garrison Resources]
Previous H [20-40] Unleashed Steel
Next H [20-40] Going to the Gordunni
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [20-40] Out of Jovite.


Obtain 12 chunks of Jovite Ore from within Kuuro's Claim.


Crafting good equipment requires the best metal and some of the best metal is the jovite that comes from the mine in Kuuro's Claim, just east of here. In order to supply the arsenal I'm going to need this metal.

Unfortunately the place was recently overwhelmed by a pack of goren so you're going to have to fight your way in to get the ore before they manage to devour it.

Nothing that should be too much of a problem for you, <sir/ma'am>.


You will receive: 20 [Garrison Resources] and 13g


We need to get that ore before those damned goren eat it all.


Good size chunks and without a lot of the matrix material on them.

These will do just fine.


  • 14250 XP


Pick up H [20-40] Iridium Recovery and H [20-40] Gas Guzzlers before heading out.

Exit the garrison to the east past Sharptusk Lake to reach Kuuro's Claim. Enter the mine and start killing goren and geodes. Make sure to use the quest item on the goren corpses to get quest credit for Gas Guzzlers! Jovite Ore is blue-green and on the mine walls.

Stick to the southern wall of the mine to get to the upper level, where at [78.2, 14.7] all the way in the back, is a pile of Pure Crystal Dust. The dust contains an  [Iridium Inlaid Band].


  1. B [20-40] The Quarry Quandary
  2. A [20-40] In Ared's Memory / H [20-40] Unleashed Steel
  3. Complete all of:
  4. B [20-40] Going to the Gordunni
  5. B [20-40] Dropping Bombs
  6. Complete all of:
  7. B [20-40] The Lord of the Gordunni
  8. B [20-40] The Only Way to Travel
  9. B [20-40] Armor Up (optional)

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