Outpost Building Assembly Notes

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  • Outpost Building Assembly Notes
  • Binds when picked up
  • Requires Level 90
  • "Sought by architects in Ashran. Handwritten scribbles regarding the construction of an outpost building, including numerous "improvements" which are vigorously crossed out."

Outpost Building Assembly Notes is the currency for purchasing level 2 Garrison Blueprints for small and medium buildings. Up to two may be acquired via quests in Gorgrond and Spires of Arak. Blueprints for the fixed common structures (the mine, the fishing shack, and the herb garden) are not available this way and must be purchased for 1000g at the garrison's town Hall.


This item is a quest reward from the following quests:


  • Since blueprints for small buildings can be purchased for 750g and for medium buildings for 1000g, the recommended practice is to use these to buy two blueprints for medium buildings and buy your small buildings with gold.

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