HordeOverdue Mutiny
Start First Mate Jamboya
End First Mate Jamboya
Level 35-50
Category Vol'dun
Experience 8,230 (at level 110)
Reputation +10 Voldunai
Rewards 9g 70s (at level 110)
Previous H [35-50] The Day the Port Fell
Next H [35-50] The Yard Arm of the Law & H [35-50] My Last Day Alive


Free First Mate Jamboya.

  • First Mate Jamboya freed


I used to be a Zandalari, <name>.

Long ago, before dis curse. We were all Zandalari pirates, sailing under de black flag of our captain, Zem'lan.

Now look at us... undead monsters, forced to serve our eternal captain like slaves.

Well, I be done with dis. De curse can't be broken, but we can still mutiny!

What say you? It gonna be tough, but I promise treasure and a chance to kill de notorious Pirate-King Zem'lan who murdered your vulpera friend.

Help me down, and we be gettin' started.


You will receive:


Dis won't be easy, <name>. But it be worth it.


Interact with Jamboya to cut him loose from the pillar. Upon doing so, the first mate runs over to the northwestern side of the dock.

First Mate Jamboya says: So, it be mutiny!
First Mate Jamboya says: First, we gonna spread de word, and you gotta truly understand what we be up against.

Completing this quest unlocks the H [35-49B] Monsters of Zem'lan Bonus Objective.


  1. H [35-50] Camp Lastwind
  2. H [35-50] Lost in Zem'lan
  3. H [35-50] The Day the Port Fell
  4. H [35-50] Overdue Mutiny
  5. H [35-50] The Yard Arm of the Law & H [35-50] My Last Day Alive
  6. H [35-50] The Grinning Idols & H [35-50] Maroon 'em with Fire
  7. H [35-50] The Golden Isle
  8. H [35-50] Our Share of the Plunder & H [35-50] The First Time I Died
  9. H [35-50] This Be Mutiny
  10. H [35-50] Escaping Zem'lan

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