VenthyrOverdue Purging
Start Ironwing Fraado
End Ironwing Fraado
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Daily
Category Covenant Sanctum

Overdue Purging is a potential Venthyr Covenant-daily quest accessible once Sinfall's Anima Conductor with Tier 2 is channeled into Pridefall Hamlet.


Destroy 30 Manifestations in Revendreth.


There are many duties of a stoneborn that have been forsaken by the plans of Denathrius.

One such duty is the elimination of manifestations. The process venthyr use to extract anima from souls is not clean, and often leads to unresolved issues made manifest.

These entities are dangerous if left unchecked, and increase in number thanks to your revivication of anima to these droughted lands.

While you patrol Revendreth, destroy any manifestations you encounter and I shall provide you recompense.


You will receive:

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You will also receive one from:
Inv robe cloth oribosdungeon c 01.png [Sincollector's Vestment] Inv boot cloth oribosdungeon c 01.png [Sincollector's Sandals]
Inv pant leather oribosdungeon c 01.png [Soulstalker Breeches] Inv pant mail oribosdungeon c 01.png [Mail Courier's Greaves]
Inv helm leather oribosdungeon c 01.png [Soulstalker Helm] Inv cape leather oribosdungeon c 01.png [Stone-Etched Shawl]
Inv ring revendrethraid 02 silver.png [Leafed Banewood Band]


In Revendreth, a soul's burdens are made manifest. It makes it easier to impale such burdens with a spear.


Your efforts are much appreciated.

When this conflict is over, the Stone Legion should once again return to its noble purpose of protecting Revendreth, instead of satisfying the dark whims of Denathrius and his allies.

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