MobOverlord Ror
Image of Overlord Ror
Race Furbolg (Humanoid)
Level 51
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Deadwood tribe
Location Deadwood Village, Felwood
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)

Overlord Ror was a level 51 named black Deadwood furbolg found in Deadwood Village of Felwood. Dreka'Sur wanted Ror's cold, dead claw.

He has been absent since the Cataclysm, probably having been killed as requested by Dreka'Sur.


Ror was a bit bigger than his soldiers (3-4 Deadwood Warriors and/or Deadwood Pathfinders). He had a [Fear] power, which had approximately 10 yards of range. This ability appeared to be a random proc, and might have been used multiple times in a fight. Items that prevented fear spells worked normally.

Slaying him was worth 60 reputation with Timbermaw Hold.


  • Maul
  • Terrifying Roar

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