MobOwl Wing wildkin
Owl Wing wildkin.jpg
Main leader None
  Formerly Unknown
Race(s) Wildkin Wildkin
Base of operations Owl Wing Thicket, Hidden Grove, Dun Mandarr
Theater of operations Winterspring
Language(s) Unknown
Status Active

The Owl Wing wildkin are a group of wildkin that inhabits Winterspring. They are perhaps the oldest living moonkin as they where created by Elune. Without her guidance, they grew aggressive.[1] Trull Failbane sought to find the secrets of the night elves that he thought they guarded.[2]

Some time later, Jadrag the Slicer would be sent to find relics at Owl Wing Thicket but was overwhelmed by the wildkin. He now asks adventurers to deal with them.[3]

At some point, several dwarves had set up camp at Dun Mandarr but would be overrun by the wildkin.[4]