The druids Ralaar and Arvell in pack form

The pack form[1] is a druidic animal form that takes the shape of a large wolf.[2] Its power and ferocity embody the uncontrollable fury of the wolf Ancient Goldrinn. Those who undergo the transformation thus tend to lose their minds to the form's feral animal instincts. Malfurion Stormrage himself had experimented with the form long ago and, consumed by its rage, went as far as blindly attacking his mentor, Cenarius. The demigod had to put him to sleep within the Great Tree Daral'nir, where he regained his senses. Due to its uncontrollable nature, Malfurion thereafter prohibited the use of this form.[3]

The Druids of the Pack were druids who disobeyed Malfurion's edict, as they initially sought to tame the wolf form with the Scythe of Elune,[2] but eventually lost themselves to the wolf form. During the War of the Satyr, Ralaar Fangfire would become their leader and through his efforts to control and master this untameable form, created the first worgen by the Scythe.[4] Despite their good intentions, the worgen were still unable to control the form's unbridled fury and turned against the night elves. Malfurion was forced to banish the worgen to sleep eternally within Daral'nir in the Emerald Dream, mourning the loss of his fellow druids.


  • During the Cataclysm beta, a  [Faded Journal] could be found in Gilneas. The item told the story of the worgen but was removed before the expansion went live. Gaedrin Moonfang was the author, one of the first Druids of the Pack who had kept his night elf mind longer than most of his comrades.
  • During the Legion alpha, a book could be found describing the Druids of the Pack as a "cautionary tale of pride and hubris, and of the many dangers of shapeshifting."


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Pack form might still be used, but still banned by Malfurion, and thus only used outside the Cenarion Circle.

There may be druids trapped in Pack Form to this day. In Curse of the Worgen issue 1, Malfurion says the kaldorei have lost druids to the Pack Form, never to be seen again.[4] In issue 2, he says some druids have been trapped in the Pack Form, and not even the Horn of Cenarius has been able to pacify them.[5] For example, druids that left for the Verdant Wilds lost themselves to their animal forms, and drop Druidic Fur.

  • Loki, a wolf in Mount Hyjal, was kept prisoner by the kaldorei in the Barrow Deeps.
  • Ghostpaw Runners, wolves in Ashenvale, are beasts capable of fleeing when at low health, use a ghost wolf form, and cast arcane magic. Ashenvale is where the War of the Satyr took place. Ghostpaw Alphas are seen protecting a night elf worgen, the Terrowulf Packlord.