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Page of Mardivas' Diary

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Page of Mardivas' Diary

Pages of Mardivas' Diary...


Page of Mardivas' Diary

Water is crashing outside of my chambers, but I sealed them up just in time to avoid damaging any of my rugs.

The city appears to be in the process of being destroyed, likely the fault of that pompous queen.

No doubt the looters will be by for my things when the dust settles. Well we will see about that. I shall devise a series of intricate arcane locks that no simpleton could solve, and return for my possessions at my leisure.

Where shall I start with this one? My favorite color, I will remember that -- red, like wine. And simply apply the rule of threes, and... done.

Now, onto the next...

Page of Mardivas' Diary

I heard yelling outside of the door, luckily I am a sorcerer and a simple sound dampening field is but a cantrip to me. Now, to continue my work...

For the second lock... oh! My least favorite color -- the sky on a clear day. Dreadful, simply awful, far too bright.

Now, simply apply the transitive property of squares and... done.

Onto the next...

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