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Paladin trainers

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A paladin trainer is an NPC that offers paladins the opportunity to train abilities and reset their talent points. A general rule-of-thumb for finding the local Paladin trainer is to search the city's centre of religious worship, where they can usually be found alongside Priest trainers.

Alliance Crest Alliance Trainers

Location Paladin Trainers
Bc icon.gif Crash Site, Azuremyst Isle
(Draenei starting location)
 Aurelon (6)
Bc icon.gif Azure Watch, Azuremyst Isle  Tullas (10)
Bc icon.gif The Vault of Lights, the Exodar  Kavaan (40)
 Jol (50)
 Baatun (60)
Anvilmar, Dun Morogh
(Dwarf starting location)
 Bromos Grummner (5)
Thunderbrew Distillery, Kharanos, Dun Morogh  Azar Stronghammer (12)
Hall of Mysteries, The Mystic Ward, Ironforge  Beldruk Doombrow (50)
 Brandur Ironhammer (50)
 Valgar Highforge (60)
Northshire Abbey, Elwynn Forest
(Human starting location)
 Brother Sammuel (5)
Goldshire, Elwynn Forest  Brother Wilhelm (11)
Cathedral of Light, Cathedral Square, Stormwind  Arthur the Faithful (40)
 Katherine the Pure (50)
 Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker (60)
Temple of the Moon, Darnassus  Rukua (70)
Bc icon.gif Blood Watch, Bloodmyst Isle  Delemm (25)
 Vindicator Aesom (30)
Thelsamar, Loch Modan IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Faldoc Stonefaith (25)
Sentinel Hill, Westfall IconSmall Human Female.gif Sister Darnhald (25)
Theramore Isle, Dustwallow Marsh  Brother Karman (45)
Wrath of the Lich King Silver Enclave, Dalaran IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Rulen Lightsreap (80)
Shadowlands Training Hall, Stormwind City IconSmall Draenei Male.gif Ezul'aan (10-60)

Horde Crest Horde Trainers

Location Paladin Trainers
Grommash Hold, Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar  Master Pyreanor (70)
Valley of Wisdom, Orgrimmar  Sunwalker Atohmo (60)
Bc icon.gif The Sunspire, Eversong Woods
(Blood elf starting location)
 Jesthenis Sunstriker (5)
Bc icon.gif Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods  Noellene (12)
Bc icon.gif Farstriders' Square, Silvermoon  Osselan (40)
 Ithelis (50)
 Champion Bachi (60)
Camp Narache, Mulgore  Sunwalker Helaku (5)
Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore  Sunwalker Iopi (13)
Hunter Rise, Thunder Bluff  Sunwalker Saern (50)
 Sunwalker Reha (60)
 Aponi Brightmane (80)
The Royal Quarter, Undercity  Champion Cyssa Dawnrose (60)
Bc icon.gif Tranquillien, Ghostlands  Haris Lightsbreath (25)
The Crossroads, Northern Barrens  Sunwalker Lonaki (25)
Wrath of the Lich King Sunreaver's Sanctuary, Dalaran IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Nelur Lightsown (80)

Neutral Neutral Trainers

Location Paladin Trainers
Bc icon.gif Terrace of Light, Shattrath City IconSmall BloodElf Male.png Blood Knight Argaron (70) (Scryers only)
IconSmall Draenei Female.gif Ordo (70) (Aldor only)