Palemane tribe

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MobPalemane tribe
Palemane Rock.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Gnoll.gif Snagglespear (presumed)
Race(s) Gnoll Gnoll
Base of operations near Palemane Rock
Theater of operations Mulgore

The Palemane gnolls is a tribe of blue-skinned gnolls found in Mulgore, specifically in the cave Palemane Rock in western Mulgore and two small camps south of Bloodhoof Village along the cliff that rises to the Red Cloud Mesa. Their culture revolves around leather, as their tribesmen are called skinners, tanners, and poachers. The only named one is the rare mob Snagglespear, and may be their leader.

The gnolls slay Mulgore's wildlife and the tauren tried to speak with them but failed. Thus the tauren send adventurers to cull their numbers.[1]