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| races = {{RaceIcon|Pale}} [[Pale orc]]
| races = {{RaceIcon|Pale}} [[Pale orc]]
| base = [[Paletide Den]]
| base = [[Paletide Den]]
| theater = [[Shadowmoon Valley (alternate universe)|Shadowmoon Valley]]
| theater = {{Au|Shadowmoon Valley}}
| leader = Unknown
| leader = Unknown
| fleader = {{RaceIcon|DirePale}} [[Gnaw Bloodseeker]]{{KIA}}
| fleader = {{RaceIcon|DirePale}} [[Gnaw Bloodseeker]]{{KIA}}

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MobPaletide pale
Paletide pale.jpg
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall DirePale.gif Gnaw Bloodseeker †
Race(s) IconSmall Pale.gif Pale orc
Base of operations Paletide Den
Theater of operations Shadowmoon Valley
Language(s) Unknown
Status Unknown

The Paletide pale was a group of pale orcs who once dwelled in the Paletide Den. From underground, they rose to attack the draenei of Eventide Landing and steal the supplies from the recently landed Iron Horde ship which the Alliance stole.[1]

The commander of the Alliance expedition would be sent down to the village to take care of their leader, kill his followers and recover the ship's supplies.[2][1]

After these event, the pale abandoned their attack and their den, leaving their fate a mystery.





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