NeutralPalewind tribe
Hatred's Vice.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Yaungol Male.gif Palewind Chief (deceased)
Race(s) Yaungol Yaungol
Base of operations Hatred's Vice
Language(s) Taur-ahe (presumed)

The Palewind are a now-defunct tribe of yaungol located at Hatred's Vice in Townlong Steppes. When Suna Silentstrike journeyed towards Hatred's Vice, distraught over the loss of her husband,[1] she brought with her the Sha of Hatred. The sha soon spread to the villagers, and they fell into disorder, slaughtering each other. Their chief was unable to maintain order, and they wiped themselves out.[2]

The Shado-Pan later arrived, searching for their former comrade, and found the aftermath of the destruction being picked over by Ashfang Hyenas and Carrion Vultures.[3] After fending off these scavengers, the Shado-Pan investigated further, and found that the sha had overcome the villagers. Using the yaungols' own totems, Yalia Sagewhisper revealed the angry spirits, the sha, and Suna, which were all dealt with in short order.[4]

Some tried to escape to Dampsoil Burrow, but were slain by the mantid.

Palewind Classes