For the panda-like humanoids, see pandaren.

 [Panda Collar]

Pandas are rare creatures that have so far never been sighted in the wild. There are two types of pandas: the more bear-like giant pandas and the raccoon-like red pandas.

The pint-sized panda cub is highly sought after by adventurers around Azeroth - despite its narcoleptic nature.[1] The cuddly sunfur pandas enjoy basking in the sun, sleeping in the sun, and napping in the sun.[2] The white fur of the snowy panda allows it to hide in the snowbanks of Kun-Lai Summit.[3] Cousin to the snowy panda, mountain pandas reside in the lower regions of Kun-Lai Summit.[4]

The pandaren are a race of panda-like humanoids.


As a companion pet


  • While the pandaren appear similar to humanoid giant pandas, some females have red fur and red panda-like tails.
  • Players can turn into panda cubs using  [Magic Bamboo Shoot].

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