This is an April Fools article.
This article is a Blizzard April Fools joke. Its content is not part of official Warcraft lore, but represents one of Blizzard's jokes.

Pandaren Xpress is a fictional food-delivery service integrated into World of Warcraft announced by Blizzard on April 1st, 2005. It was a parody of a real life business deal between EverQuest II and Pizza Hut, in which typing "/pizza" from within EQ2 allowed players to order pizza from the comfort of their gaming chair. The name "Pandaren Xpress" is a reference to Panda Express, a restaurant chain operating in the United States.

The announcement was posted as an Underdev article on the official site.


Too lazy to get up and use the phone?

Don't let the inconvenience of eating impede you from reaching your Maximum Gaming Potential. Order Chinese food in-game from Pandaren Xpress today!

Type /panda to get a list of delicious Chinese food available at the touch of a button from Pandaren Xpress.

Blizzard Entertainment, in conjunction with the Pandaren Xpress® chain of quality restaurants, is proud to announce the /panda program!

Imagine you are on an instance run in Maraudon, Dire Maul, or even Blackrock Spire. Two long hours into the dungeon and you suddenly notice the hunter in your group feeding his pet. That triggers a rumbling in your belly, which reminds you that you haven't eaten anything all day! How can you satisfy your craving without abandoning your group?! Before, there was nothing for you to do but suffer in hunger. Now, thanks to Pandaren Xpress®, creators of low-priced gourmet meals, you no longer have to leave the group for a food break. In less time than it takes your party's casters to regain mana (even less if you don't have a mage), you can order Chinese take-out from the comfort of your chair! No more tedious walking over to the telephone! No more arduous pushing of unfamiliar phone numbers!

Get a FREE in-game fortune cookie with every order from Pandaren Xpress! Warning: fortunes may come true...

Simply type "/panda" in the game, and a GM will take your food order through the use of our innovative in-game Pandaren Xpress® menu. Within minutes, a Pandaren Xpress® delivery person will arrive at your door with a veritable feast!

With each /panda order, you will also receive Pandaren Fortune Cookie! The Pandaren Fortune Cookie not only tells you a fortune, but it also gives your player a random 30-minute buff (or debuff)!

Enjoy, and see you in Azeroth with a delicious carton of Pandaren Xpress®! Click here to download a Pandaren Xpress promotional wallpaper!

Pandxpress3.jpg Our friendly staff is standing by to prepare your order 24 hours a day. If your food isn't delivered in 30mins by a person dressed in a Pandaren costume, you eat FREE!

EU announcement

In a similar vein as the European Warbucks program, the North American players will be able to use a special in-game service that is every gamer's wish come true. The World of Warcraft development team today announced the new Pandaren Xpress. With this unique feature, players will be able to order Chinese food in-game using the brand new /panda command. After making a selection from the large and varied menu, a helpful panda will run off and fetch the order. The food will be delivered to most US locations in less than 30 minutes (availability not guaranteed everywhere). Blizzard Europe is working hard to bring this great service to European players very soon. You can find a more detailed announcement here.

- Ryann, 01/04/2005 WoW Europe

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