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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

The pandaren are an old and refined culture with many traditions and arts important to their way of life, none of which have influenced the pandaren so thoroughly as the art of brewing. Drink is in every aspect of pandaren life; and because of the craft involved, a tradition of brewing potent fluids has become a cultural institution for the gentle people of Pandaria. The pandaren brewmasters travel the world for new and exotic ingredients and recipes. These affable yet deadly warriors practice a unique combination of healing arts and martial skill. With their knowledge of alchemy, potion-making and brewery, the pandaren have created superb ales and liquors that have become a welcome drink at any adventurer's table either before or after a battle. The brews hold magical properties, as plants, berries, and fungi that harbor powerful spirits are often included as ingredients in whiskeys, ales and other alcoholic beverages. Distilling these ingredients focuses potent magic.[1]

Types of pandaren brews

Bravery Brew

This stout and powerful ale have remarkable qualities when it comes to establishing feelings of camaraderie and kinship, especially before a battle. With a thick, nearly molasses-like taste and bittersweet foam, this ale has become the favorite of many dwarven riflemen companies. A keg of this brew holds 20 mugs' worth of ale. [1]

Chou's Steadying Cider

Many have felt the chill of fear creep up when facing the minions of the Scourge. To watch ghouls and abominations rush across the fields of war to savage foes with hooked chains, claws and teeth can shake a warrior to his core. Chou the brewmaster despises the Scourge for the terror and ugliness they spread. He brews this strong drink to aid those who fight against the tides of undead that threaten the world. This drink is strong plum cider that grants the drinker the ability to detect undead.[2]

Drunken Master's Secret Tonic

The pandaren brewmaster Chou Ling Sing introduced the magnificent brew to the acrobats of Slink Strong's Goblin Circus as a gift for teaching him the tricks of goblin tumbling. Since then, many have copied the brew's recipe and it is enjoyed by many a stealthy, acrobatically inclined performer. The tonic is potent, and a single swig from a bottle can make the drinker appear as if she were inebriated.[3]

Fiery Belly Ale

This powerful, pepper-flavored ale often leaves the surprised drinker gasping for cool water to sooth the burning in his throat. Fiery Belly ale is a harsh, unforgiving drink that leaves a steady flame in the imbiber's gut. Many trolls and orcs have found this a pleasant sensation, and seeing a precious keg of this drink in their possession is almost becoming common. This ale is an inebriating beer that gives the drinker the ability to belch flames. A tell-tale churning and burning in the gut indicate that the special properties are active. Drinking more than 3 mugs is dangerous and may cause the drinker to vomit flame at an inappropriate moment.[3]

Hong's Fighting Lager

Combat is a state of grace amongst the shodo-pan of the pandaren empire; and as much as it is an art form, it is thirsty work. Hong's fighting lager revivifies fatigue and frightened soldiers and warrior after fighting a long and difficult battle. It is also highly valued for its crisp wheat taste and subtle honey and citron-like accents.[3]

Wounded Warrior's Whiskey

To the pandaren, whiskey is a drink of fortitude. A good whiskey can make a warrior strong enough to face 10.000, so the pandaren proverb goes. This brewmaster's whiskey has incredibly potent healing properties, and a wounded warrior can become as strong as a lion after drinking this powerful liquid.[4]


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