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Elemental spirits
The elements of Pandaria can be cute and playful, until their homeland is threatened.[1]

Pandaren spirits,[2] or ancient spirits, are elementals that exist on Pandaria and the Wandering Isle, representing the heart of its elemental powers.[3] Most of them protect their element in various locations and have done so for thousands of years. Hostile spirits also exist on various islands hiding and waiting to playfully attack adventurers.

Though fire spirits appear to be a vaguely-related cousin to the Inv misc firekitty [Cinder Kitten], the two creatures actually share no ancestry.[4]

The playful water spirits have a curious connection to the weather.[5] They are especially mischievous, and are known to frequent the canals of the Stormstout Brewery.[6]

This boss was voice acted by Ryan "Slacks" Luscombe. A popular World of Warcraft player.


Storm Chaser

A water spirit in Hearthstone.

Wandering Isle[]

These four elemental spirits protect the turtle and the people on it:

  • IconSmall AirSpirit Dafeng <Ancient Spirit of Air>
  • IconSmall EarthSpirit Wugou <Ancient Spirit of Earth>
  • IconSmall FireSpirit Huo <Ancient Spirit of Fire>
  • IconSmall WaterSpirit Shu <Ancient Spirit of Water>

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