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Pandaren transcendent
WoW RPG Transcendent Pandas by UdonCrew
Affiliation Pandaren Empire
Origin Pandaren
Predecessor class Healer, Geomancer
Favored by PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Weapon proficiency Natural weapons
Skill(s) Knowledge (religion, the planes)
Alignment Any lawful
Sources: Dark Factions, 69-71
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Pandaren Transcendent prestige class icon.[1]

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Tales say that spirits and energies are at work in the cosmos — spirits and energy that define the essence of reality, and from these vital sources all things are formed. This is one of the central philosophies of pandaren geomancy, and no one is more intimate with these energies than the pandaren transcendent. Seeking to embody the sentient formative powers of the universe and bottle them within her form, the transcendent is an aesthete, a warrior, and most of all a mystic.

Few pandaren healers and wise men seek out this path; even powerful geomancers rarely learn of the necessary hidden techniques to transform into beings composed of primal forces. Codified within ancient texts, and layered within the rituals of pandaren culture, are the keys to this hidden discipline. Yet only the wisest and most insightful pandaren discover it.

Pandaren revere transcendents as embodiments of wisdom: the spirit of the universe made flesh, residing in the shell of a pandaren host. These are the pandaren’s ultimate heroes: Spiritual avatars capable of summoning vast storms of lighting, smashing mountains with their terrible fists, and breathing winds into existence. Yet the techniques do not come without sacrifice.

Pandaren transcendents are sworn to protect the pandaren people. Anyone seeking to bring war to the pandaren would soon find themselves at the mercy of the transcendents’ wrath, amid a devastating whirl of blades and magic.[2]

Pandaren transcendents in the World[]

The pandaren who discover this path do so only after years of study and experience. Although only a handful of pandaren alive today travel the path of the transcendent, they all protect their people, and swear no loyalty other than to serve the pandaren and the spirits of their people.

Pandaren transcendents spend much of their time in seclusion in the Pandaren Empire. Those who venture beyond its shores are dedicated to rooting out secrets, defending the nation, and building relations with those few who would prove to be useful allies. Those who remain in Pandaria are often secluded hermits who protect a given section of the empire, defending it from potential attack by angry elementals, divine spirits and other threats that most of Azeroth’s people cannot understand. These transcendents often counsel geomancers and other pandaren of note, serving to temper all of the decisions of Pandaria’s rulers with wisdom and spirituality.[3]


  • This class seems to be based off of or inspired by the Pandaren Brewmaster's "Storm, Earth, And Fire" ability.