Paper Flying Machine

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  • Paper Flying Machine
  • Conjured Item
  • Unique (5)
  • Duration: 30 min (real time)
  • Use: Throw the Flying Machine to a friendly player. If they have free room in their pack they will catch it!
  • 1 Charge


Created by using  [Paper Flying Machine Kit].


Paper zeppelins and airplanes.

Paper Flying Machine is a usable in-game item similar to the  [Heavy Leather Ball]. When used, it places a paper airplane into your inventory. The airplanes are unique(5) so you can have a stack of five in your inventory at a time. The items are conjured items, and have a durattion of 30 minutes. The book used to make the paper airplane has a 30 second cooldown. If you target a player and use one of the created items, it will be thrown to that player and placed in their inventory. The thrown item can be re-used by the receiving player. Originally the  [Paper Flying Machine Kit] was described as creating either a Paper Flying Machine or Paper Zeppelin when used (50% chance of either) but when released, does not work this way (only creates Paper Flying Machines).

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