NeutralParagons of Power: The Freethinker's Breastplate
Start Jin'rokh the Breaker
End Jin'rokh the Breaker
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Type Raid
Category Zul'Gurub
Experience 6600 (57s at level 70)
Reputation +350 Zandalar Tribe
Rewards  [Zandalar Freethinker's Breastplate]


Bring Jin'rokh the Breaker a  [Primal Hakkari Tabard]. You must also have a reputation equal to or greater than Revered with the Zandalar Tribe.

Jin'rokh the Breaker is located on Yojamba Isle, Stranglethorn Vale.


Battle gear gives you power in the tribe. The freethinkers are honored in this way. They are zealots. They imbue their breastplates with powerful mojo. If their beliefs falter in the face of the enemy, their breastplate will not.

You must be revered amongst us to possess such a breastplate. Go to Zul'Gurub. Take the Paragons of Power I need. Take the Paragons most painfully from the fools inside. Bring them to me. Prove your worth as a freethinker once and for all.


You will receive:
Inv chest plate07.png [Zandalar Freethinker's Breastplate]


Do you have the Paragons? They have mojo inside them. We must have them. You will aid us.


You have done what few ever could. You have brought the minions of Hakkar to their knees. You have shown them what a freethinker can do. You have shown us how a heretic could be revered in the tribe. You have more than real power. You ARE real power.

Take the breastplate, freethinker. Crush those who oppose you.

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