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The parental controls feature is located both on the World of Warcraft homepage and also found in the account management page. The parental controls feature, as the name suggests, allows a parent to moderate a child's time on the game. However, it is used for other purposes as well, such as:

  1. Some people activate the parental controls for themselves when they know they need to cut down on playing time and this feature helps keep track of time and manage yourself.
  2. People use this as an extra security. They can set it to lock while at work or asleep so when they are away, if somebody managed to hack their account, they wouldn't even be able to play anyway.

The system enables guardians to set start and stop times for any day of the week. There are also a number of pre-set schedules, such as "weekends only" and "after school and weekends". The parental controls schedule is displayed on the parental controls page within the account management section of Every day of the week is broken up into 30-minute segments, and each segment can be set to "able to play" or "unable to play." Players cannot log in during a scheduled break, and if a player is already in the game when a scheduled break is set to begin, the game will automatically disconnect the player. In-game voice chat usage can also be managed via the parental controls system.

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