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Park Destroyed

The remains of the Park after the Cataclysm.

The Park

The Park before its destruction.

The Park banner

One of the banners marking the entrance to the Park.

The Park used to be the district located in the western corner of Stormwind City. It was once a place devoted to leisure activities for Stormwind's populace until it became a refuge for visiting night elves, who found the comforting presence of nature a welcome respite from the vast stone thoroughfares of Stormwind proper. It was the only place in the Eastern Kingdoms where druid trainers resided. The night elves created a Moonwell in the center of the park square.

To get to the Park, one would have headed southwest from Cathedral Square or northwest from the Mage Quarter.

During the invasion of Outland, Ros'eleth tried to send olemba seeds to the park.[1]

The Park was destroyed by Deathwing's visit to Stormwind, during the Cataclysm. When he attacked the city, the druid trainer Sheldras Moontree, priest trainer Nara Meideros, and Argos Nightwhisper were the only ones known to escape alive, with the rest unaccounted for. They relocated down to Stormwind Harbor. The Old Barracks appeared to be all that remained of the Park, and before patch 7.0.3, the subzone name was displayed as "The Old Barracks" throughout the entire former Park. Lion's Rest was finally built on its ruins.

The Day Deathwing Came[]

Asking a guard:

The Park...?
It's in ruins. Haven't you heard? The great dragon Deathwing soared over Stormwind and destroyed it in passing.
Not sure why he didn't level everything, honestly, but we all thank the Light he didn't.

A [30-35] Call of Duty:

Stormwind Soldier 3 says: I stopped by the park district on the way here. There's nothing left of it...
Stormwind Soldier 4 says: Aye. I was here when the dragon attacked.
Stormwind Soldier 4 says: He could've destroyed the entire city if he willed it. We were helpless to stop him.
Stormwind Soldier 3 says: What drove him off, then?
Stormwind Soldier 4 says: No idea. It made no sense...
Stormwind Soldier 4 says: He flew in, torched the park, then just flew off.
Stormwind Soldier 4 says: If you ask me, the beast is insane.


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A [24] The Corruption Abroad


Stormwind Guard crying over Park

Stormwind City Guard crying at the loss.

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Composting HS

The Park as seen in Hearthstone.

  • The Park was a peaceful place where players might come to get away from it all. Nothing happened in this location, that was until the Lunar Festival.
  • Due to the park being mostly inhabited by night elves, this area had also been called the "night elf district".
  • Sometimes, a Stormwind City Guard would watch over the Park ruins from the Mage Quarter and cry at the loss.


Patch changes[]


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