Passage to Hibernal Hollow

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NeutralPassage to Hibernal Hollow
Start Ara'lon [62.3, 45.6]
End Droman Aliothe [60.1, 53.9]
Level 57 (Requires 57)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 960
Rewards 2g 50s 40c
Previous N [57] Ride of the Wild Hunt
Next N [56] Infusing the Wildseed


Speak with Ara'lon to receive an escort to Hibernal Hollow


You have done the Wild Hunt a great service. I must repay you in some way.

The battle for Soryn's Meadow has turned. With the brute defeated, the Blighted forces lose their strength.

Allow us to escort you to Hibernal Hollow.

Speak to me whenever you wish to depart.


You will receive:

  • 2g 50s 40c
  • 960 XP


Dreamweaver has told me much about your strange wildseed.

I will do what I can to help.


Speak with Ara'lon again:

Let's not stay here for too long. You need to deliver that wildseed to Hibernal Hollow, yes?
Gossip I'm ready to travel to the Hibernal Hollow.
Ara'lon says: Come, we ride for Hibernal Hollow.
Niya says: Thank you for escorting us, Ara'lon. It puts me at ease to know we are protected by a fierce huntsman.
Ara'lon says: I was not always so. I joined the Wild Hunt only recently... after my grove had to be sacrificed to save the others.
Niya says: My grove was lost as well... but not to the drought. We were overrun by masked fae. My friends...
Ara'lon says: I am sorry, Niya. If only the Wild Hunt could have been there... but our numbers are stretched perilously thin.
Niya says: As is the Winter Queen...
Ara'lon says: She bears the greatest burden of us all. We must do what we can to share it.
Dreamweaver says: Please, Aliothe. Help us end this spirit's nightmare!
Droman Aliothe says: Though our resources are stretched thin, I will do what I can.

Speak with Aliothe:

Welcome to Hibernal Hollow.
Gossip Who are you?
I am Aliothe, Droman of the Hibernal Hollow. I protect the tree and all who live within these walls.
But before that, I lived on a beautiful world full of lush forests and sparkling seas. I was a god, a powerful spirit of the wilderness. My fur was full of stars and my teeth could crack mountains.
Gossip What happened?
I died.
Green fire rained from the heavens and burned our forests. Boiled our seas. I did all that I could, but it was not enough. My world died too.
By the Queen's grace I was reborn here in Ardenweald, and the spirits here in the hollow are my responsibility.
Gossip Don't you want to be reborn in your own world?
Even if I still had a home to return to, I could not. This is the way of things.


  1. N [57] The Way to Hibernal Hollow
  2. N [57] Soothing Song
  3. N [57] Remnants of the Wild Hunt
  4. N [57] Toppling the Brute
  5. N [57] Ride of the Wild Hunt
  6. N [57] Passage to Hibernal Hollow
  7. N [56] Infusing the Wildseed

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