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Were you looking for the definition of a Passive ability?
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Passive is one of the three "stances" available to pets; the others are Assist and Defensive.

A passive pet will only attack targets if its master gives it specific orders to Attack. Otherwise, it will ignore any attacks on itself or its master.

When in combat, setting your pet to passive will cause it to immediately cease attacking its current target, and return to your current location. Pets already set to passive can be ordered to cease their attacks by re-issuing the Passive command.

Mounting automatically places your pet on passive, preventing it from engaging in combat while the player is mounted.

Passive pets ordered to attack a target will sometimes cease to attack if the player begins to move away. This is presumed to be a bug, and can be countered by re-issuing the Attack command.

Passive mobs

Passive can also refer to mobs. Passive mobs have yellow nameplates and do not aggro even when the player comes within close proximity. If attacked, however, they will defend themselves.