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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 0.5.4
Release date January 15, 2004
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  • Tri-Horde push
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Patch 0.5.3 Patch 0.5.5
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Patch 0.5.4 was an alpha patch for World of Warcraft that released on 15 January 2004.

Patch notes[]

Welcome to the Tri-Horde push. Break out that ugly stick, it's time to try out the Orcs, Trolls & tauren! We've added many new features and tweaked a whole lot in this build, so you'll want to scan these notes carefully.

Windows 98 and ME users must download a new patcher from the Friends and Family website.

There is a known instability problem in the instance dungeons. Please enter them at your own risk. There's a good possibility that they will crash, locking you and your party inside. If this happens, you will need to contact for a rescue.

When the time comes for everyone to get their older characters back, all of your quest logs will be deleted. Don't panic, you won't have to redo any quests already completed, however all quests in progress will be wiped. You will only have to revisit those NPCs to reaccept the missing quest(s).

Major Changes[]

  • Orcs, Trolls & Tauren are now playable. Undead are on hold along with Dwarves and Humans. They will be available at a later time.
  • Shaman are now playable.
  • Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff have been made playable.
  • You can now unlearn skills that you have by clicking on the cancel button to the left of the skill line. Be warned: You will lose all knowledge of that skill, so think twice before canceling it. This does not apply to talents.
  • MACROS are in! Type /macro in the chat menu. Name the macro, select an icon and drag it to the action bar. Use the action bar or type /m [macro name] to run it.
  • /cast has been added which allows you to cast spells by name. Type /cast [spell name] (spell subtext) - Example: "/cast Fireball (Rank 1). To add spell casting to a macro you can type it manually or shift-click a spell in your spell book to add the proper /cast line to the macro.


  • Mages can now train in dagger proficiency for 2 skill points.
  • Spell frost frostbolt02 [Frostbolt] and Chilled Effects no longer stack their movement slowing effects.



  • Warlocks can now train in staves proficiency for 2 skill points.
  • Spell shadow haunting [Drain Soul] now causes damage over time, has a limited duration, and can be resisted.
  • Health funnel has been fixed.
  • Pet transferred hate has been greatly reduced.
  • Spell shadow unholystrength [Curse of Recklessness] now prevents the target from fleeing, even if Feared.
  • Hate generation caused by both Spell shadow burningspirit [Life Tap] and Spell shadow curseofsargeras [Curse of Agony] have been reduced.
  • Summoned pets should now be able to follow much more closely.
  • Pet summoning will no longer affect the chat window.



  • Items with random properties are now dropping in addition to normal drops.


  • First Aid has been revamped and made significantly more useful.
  • Survival bonuses have increased and the second tier survival fire has been improved.
  • Campfires now go away when the cozy fire effect wears off.
  • Damage now completely interrupts mining, herb gathering and lock picking.
  • Bait has been added to fishing.
  • You can now fish in the Undercity slime.
  • You can now turn in place while fishing.
  • There are new types of fishing areas and new types of things to catch in the Kalimdor zones.


  • Creatures now call for help when they flee.
  • Players can no longer use items while stunned.
  • Creatures now face and follow their targets while casting a spell.
  • Creature pursuit is now timer based rather than distance based.




  • Fixed problems with elevators.
  • Fixed player movement crashes.
  • Mouse look no longer causes players to run faster.
  • The magic shield around Dalaran Keep no longer appears white in the distance.
  • The pathing problems with wandering creatures are now fixed.
  • Creatures no longer "moon-walk" when they spawn.
  • Toughness bonuses no longer go away temporarily when you level up.
  • In some instances players may get stuck for around 15 second while trying to loot a corpse.
  • There is a known collision error which is being worked on.
  • Macintosh Users: Fixed many crash and cosmetic bugs in the patcher, sound and graphics code. File loading/streaming performance has been improved.
  • Macintosh Users: The minimap still has some known rendering bugs which are being worked on.


  • Guild officers are now able to set a "Guild Message of the Day."
  • Key binding layouts are now stored per-account on the local computer.
  • Players can now log out while they are swimming, flying or dead.