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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 1.1.0
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Release date November 7, 2004
Initial version 4044
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North America release version

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Patch 1.1.0 was the version of the game during the North America release of World of Warcraft.

Major Changes[]

(detailed information for each below)

Racial Traits[]

Racial traits are now available for all races. Each race receives at least 4 traits (several passive and at least one active trait per race). Undead racial traits have changed to be more consistent with the new traits and Undead players are now considered Humanoid targets rather than Undead targets. The following is a full list of traits:




Night Elf[]





New Raid Encounters[]

Rumors of Onyxia, an enormous black dragon, have been heard through out Azeroth. Be sure to bring many brave warriors for she won't take kindly to intruders in her lair. Both factions will need to complete unique, and challenging quests to gain access to the Onyxia encounter. **During the beta testing there will be a temporary placeholder vendor who sells keys to Onyxia's lair for testing purposes.

Discovered in the heart of Blackrock Mountain beyond the Depths, lies the Molten Core. Within the Molten Core lives a multitude of ancient and powerful evil. Adventurers be ware, for the dangers found within the Molten Core are many and takes many forms.

**Raid loot is being worked on and temporary loot has been placed in raid encounters

New Kodo mounts![]

There is but one creature in all of Kalimdor that possesses the strength and stamina to bear a tauren rider into battle: the majestic kodo beast. Swifter and slightly smaller than their wild cousins, kodo mounts nevertheless demonstrate the same resilience and fearlessness found in their untamed brethren, traits that serve them well when bearing their equally resolute riders. It is said that only the most virtuous of tauren can win the affection of a kodo war mount, for these mighty beasts only serve those that approach them with honor and respect in their hearts.

Tauren players will no longer have the Ability warstomp [Plainsrunning] ability, due to the availability of Kodo mounts. Tauren players can purchase the Kodo mount at Bloodhoof village.


  • Paladin talents are now available.
  • Hunter talents are now available.

General Changes[]

(detailed information for each below)

  • Higher level dungeon monsters (level 30+) have had their experience values increased.
  • Experience needed to gain levels from level 30+ has been increased (to compensate for the dungeon monster change)
  • On death, all equipped items will lose 10% durability.
  • Durability loss through fighting has been decreased (mainly to accommodate the new penalty for dying)
  • The penalty for using a Spirit Healer has been changed - there is no longer any experience loss, instead all items (equipped and inventory) will take 100% durability loss and the character will gain resurrection sickness for a duration that scale according to level.
  • Spells that activate (proc) on kill will work on all players, but only monsters that would give experience points.
  • All spears are now polearms.
  • Polearm proficiency can now be learned by Hunters, Paladins, Warriors
  • Spear proficiency has been removed.
  • Minimum range on abilities now account for size of target and attacker.
  • Armor can't be swapped out while in combat. Other equipment such as weapons and accessories can still be swapped out.
  • Shift-click item info linking has been added to the auction interface.
  • You now get a 10% discount at high reputation for buying items, item repair, training costs, and taxi flights.
  • Line of sight calculation takes into account creature size.
  • Creatures should be more adept at chasing players.
  • Spawn animations for game objects are now visible.
  • Skills will not increase from use while dueling or engaged in PvP.
  • Texture linear filtering is turned on for the user interface.
  • Escort NPCs will assist players more often.
  • Escort NPCs and guards will no longer follow enemy players around.
  • NPCs which are performing work emotes will pause them and turn to you when you interact with them.
  • The Reanimated Corpse actually falls down now when it plays dead.
  • New graveyards have been added to many zones.
  • Players will not be able to train and purchase non-race specific mounts. In the next patch, we plan to implement a system in which players can obtain mounts from other races once they have reached a certain level of reputation with that race.


  • Onyxia Key Quests for both the Horde and Alliance are in and fully functional.
  • Eastern and Western Plaguelands have dozens of new quests.
  • Tirion Fordring's questline is now complete.
  • New PvP, Raid, and PvP Raid quests are live.
  • Quests for Molten Core have been added.
  • The completion of a quest may now result in a reputation adjustment of a faction or a group of factions.
  • More quests added to Desolace, including several Horde specific quests.
  • Horde quests added to Ashenvale, ranging from levels 19-30.
  • Hemet Nesingwary and his companions now like Horde players in addition to Alliance players.
  • More quests added to Stonetalon.
  • More quests added to Blackfathom Deeps. Blackfathom has been moved to Ashenvale and now has Horde quests.


  • Scholomance, a level 57-60 instanced dungeon in Western Plaguelands is now open.
  • Ashenvale has gotten a facelift to include more points of interest, and significant changes were made to make it easier to navigate.
  • Ragefire Chasm, a low level instance dungeon in Orgrimmar, is now available.
  • Deadmines: The Miners in the Deadmines are no longer elite monsters.
  • Blackfathom Deeps has been moved to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale forest near the border of Darkshore.
  • More quests have been added for Eastern and Western Plaguelands.


  • Spell shadow shadowworddominate [Mind Control] and Ability hunter markedfordeath [Hunter's Mark] flag you for PvP when used on enemy players.
  • Healing and buffing NPCs will not flag you for PvP unless those NPCs are in combat.
  • NPCs no longer tap creatures they are fighting.


  • The current high-bidder's name no longer displays in the auction interface.
  • Each time a bid is made on an item, a small amount of time is added to the remaining auction duration.
  • Items you are the high bidder on will be indicated as such in the interface.


  • Leatherworking is now complete, you can make up to 300 leatherworking skill items.
  • Enchanting is now complete, you can perform enchantments that require up to 300 enchanting skill.
  • Engineering is now complete, there are engineering recipes that require up to 300 engineering skill.
  • Epic player crafted items that require raiding are now available.
  • Inv misc key 11 [Skeleton Key]s added to blacksmithing. Smiths can now open locks (though the keys are consumed)
  • Expert and above skill tiers for secondary skills are no longer available on trainers, you need to find the books to teach you them. Expert level is on a vendor somewhere in the world, artisan level requires a quest to be completed.
  • Elixirs no longer stack with player spells that improve the same attribute
  • Enchanting recipes generally require more reagents for 200-250 skill items
  • Inv potion 62 [Limited Invulnerability Potion] Re-added to Alchemy, but at a higher level than it was previously.
  • Leatherworking recipes added to let light leather be turned into medium leather, medium leather into heavy and so on.
  • Light leather requirements for some 15-20th leather level items reduced to allow for faster skillup in that range.
  • Leatherworking Scorpid Recipes now require 2x the scorpid scales, but scorpids now drop the scales 4x as frequently.
  • Light leather now only takes 3 scraps to make instead of 4.
  • Starting Leatherworking recipe items improved.
  • Medium and Heavy leather now sells for less to vendors.
  • Pick pocketing now has a chance of getting you a locked Junkbox, which is a locked item that generally has money in it.
  • Spell nature web [Ironweb Spider Silk] now drops more often and some Tailoring Recipes require less.
  • The ingredients required to make some gnomish engineering items were changed.
  • Elixirs effects reduced somewhat for the higher level elixirs.
  • Dark Iron Armor stats have been changed.
  • Spell nature abolishmagic [Living Essence] and Spell shadow shadetruesight [Essence of Undeath] drops decreased.
  • Silk and Mageweave cloth now sell for less to vendors.
  • All remaining profession trainers who train a single recipe have been turned into vendors.
  • Inv helmet 47 [Catseye Ultra Goggles] and Inv potion 36 [Catseye Elixir] reduced in effectiveness.
  • Requirements to make blacksmithing recipes annihilator and invulnerable mail increased.
  • Artisan Level Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid quests are in the game. Trainers will no longer train artisan level in the aforementioned professions. Players must complete quests to gain artisan levels.


  • Pets, summons and guardians are not susceptible to charm.
  • Pets should be much better at chasing moving targets.
  • Pets and summons will use their combat abilities as often as possible.
  • When your pet or demon learns new spells and abilities they will show up on the pet action bar.
  • Charmed creatures will no longer use their summon spells while charmed.
  • The pet action bar is greyed out while the pet is confused or fleeing.
  • Imps no longer run around aimlessly if you turn off auto-cast for their firebolt.







  • Ability vanish [Vanish] will now cancel spells in progress and missiles in flight if they are being cast at the vanished player.
  • Poisons: Should now be resistable.
  • Removed facing requirement from Spell shadow mindsteal [Blind] and Inv misc bag 11 [Pick Pocket].
  • Lockpicking: No longer auto-ranks. It must be used to improve.
  • Ability sap [Sap]: Increased the chance of breaking early.
  • New Poison: Inv misc herb 16 [Wound Poison] (Level 32).
  • New Ability: Inv feather 01 [Safe Fall] (Level 40).



  • Only party members can participate in rituals.
  • Voidwalkers will wait for enemies in the area before casting Spell shadow blackplague [Suffering].
  • Target of summoning ritual must already be in the same instance if caster is in an instance.
  • Summoning gives a confirmation dialog to person being summoned.
  • Ghosts can no longer be summoned.
  • A bug has been fixed in the calculation of total mana for Warlock pets.
  • Spell shadow curse [Lash of Pain] (Succubus): no longer requires the succubus to be behind the target.
  • Spell shadow seduction [Seduction] (Succubus): Mana cost reduced, increased the chance of breaking early.
  • Soulstones: Now soulbound when created, are consumed to store the target's soul. When that target dies, he may resurrect himself any time up until release. Cooldown added.
  • Removed facing requirement from Spell shadow cripple [Banish], Spell shadow abominationexplosion [Corruption], all Curses, Enslave Demon, and Spell shadow possession [Fear].
  • Demon spells are now available as Grimoires from the Demon Trainers in the world. Purchase the Grimoire and read it while the appropriate demon is summoned to teach it the spell.
  • Enslave Demon once again requires a soul shard, increased the chance of breaking early if cast repeatedly on the same target.
  • Ability warlock howlofterror [Howl of Terror]: Increased the chance of breaking early.
  • Spell shadow possession [Fear]: Increased the chance of breaking early.
  • Spell shadow rainoffire [Rain of Fire]: Duration, mana cost, and damage slightly reduced, deals its damage in more frequent intervals.
  • New Spell (Imp): Peticon-magical Spell shadow impphaseshift [Phase Shift] (Level 12).
  • New Spell: Spell shadow summonfelhunter [Summon Felhunter] (Level 30). (Quest)
  • New Spell: Spell shadow summoninfernal [Inferno] (Level 50). (Monster Loot)
  • New Spell: Spell shadow auraofdarkness [Curse of Doom] (Level 60).
  • New Spell: Warlock sacrificial pact [Ritual of Doom] (Level 60). (Monster Loot)



  • Shader based options are still disabled on the Mac client and are awaiting release of driver bug fixes from Apple and GPU vendors. We will release a patch to re-enable shader based graphic effects in Mac WoW when that becomes feasible

Bug Fixes:[]

  • Monsters with extra dodge chances have been corrected.
  • Abilities that activate off critical hits work off critical hits from abilities as well (Spell shadow summonimp [Blood Craze], Enrage).
  • Blessing of salvation correctly affects healing over time spells.
  • If you tame the leader of a herd of Kodo with the Inv battery 01 [Kodo Kombobulator] the whole herd won't follow you.
  • If you close the disenchanting loot pane without looting the item, the Dust or Essence or Shard is automatically looted for you. (You no longer destroy the enchanted item if you close the loot pane with the results of the disenchantment)


  • Vocal emotes now display a normal emote to the chat window, instead of the "Player says..." text. Voice Emote Audio is unchanged.
  • There is now a checkbox to turn off audio emotes.
  • Many boxes and crates ready to be looted have been added around the world.
  • Many new rare vendors selling weapons/armor/potions have been added around the world.