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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 1.1.1
Release date November 17, 2004
Initial version 4062
Interface .toc 4062
Highlights & notes
  • Many bug fixes and additions
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Patch 1.1.1 was released on 17 November 2004.

Major Changes[]


Item durability costs have been greatly decreased for Superior (blue) and Epic (purple) items.

Improved Unstuck[]

We've added an auto-unstuck feature that you can use prior to petitioning a GM. You can use this feature in situations where you are caught in a part of the terrain and cannot get out. You can find the unstuck option by clicking on the "Help Request" button found on the bottom right hand side of the user interface.

Spirit Healer[]

Using the Spirit Healer now results in a 25% loss in durability for a player's equipped gear and items in inventory, instead of the previous 100% loss. The length of resurrection sickness suffered from using the Spirit Healer has also been decreased to a maximum of 10 minutes.


Reagent requirements have been removed from the following spells:

General Changes[]


  • The Daze effect has been reworked to have a smaller chance of occurring against players level one to 29. The chance of a successful Daze effect against players 30 and above remains the same.


  • The Improved Renew talent has been reduced in effectiveness per rank.
  • The effect chance of Seal of Command has been reduced slightly.
  • Redoubt now lasts either 10 seconds or five blocks, whichever comes first.
  • The effect of Improved Moonfire has been reduced per rank.


  • Bear Form has been improved to hold aggro more effectively.
  • Growl: removed rage cost and global cooldown.
  • Cower: increased the effect, added a cooldown.


  • Judgment: Moved to level 4.
  • Divine Protection: Moved to level 6.
  • Purify: Moved to level 8.
  • Seal of the Crusader: Now introduced at level 6.


  • Feint: increased the effect, added a cooldown.


  • New Spell: Reincarnation (Level 30). Reincarnation is a passive ability that will give you the option of letting you resurrect yourself once every hour upon death.


  • Inferno: Now dismisses your pet before casting to allow the Infernal to start Enslaved. Usable outdoors only.


  • Defensive Stance has been improved to hold aggro more effectively.
  • Taunt: removed rage cost and global cooldown.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Night Elf characters in Wisp form will now have correct collision detection.
  • Damage modifiers will now be calculated before armor points are considered, instead of after.