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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 1.10.1
Release date April 11, 2006
Initial version 5230
Interface .toc 11000 (changes)
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Patch 1.10.1 was released on 11 April 2006.

World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.10.1[]




  • Fixed a bug where the Ability backstab [Deep Wounds] talent did not trigger "on next melee" attacks when the player had initial aggro.



User Interface[]

  • Fixed a bug that crashed the client when players in Moonkin, Noggenfogger, Gordok Ogre Suit, Hallow's End form/costume attempted to create a guild tabard.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the client when switching between windowed and full screen mode, involving third-party UI using DXT textures in .BLP files.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an increase in UI Addon memory usage. Memory usage has been reduced to previous levels.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client when certain friend list notifications were received.
  • In Simple Chat mode, the chat window and combat log should now again be in alignment.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the combat log window to interfere with side action bars when opening large windows.
  • The raid window will now properly come into focus on top of the raid group pullout.
  • The rest bonus indicator will now properly appear when a faction is shown on the experience bar.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing an error message to appear when opening the Alterac Valley battle map.
  • Food, drink, and mount icons placed on action bars are now properly grayed out when the player is in combat.

World Environment[]

  • The Prophet Skeram is now properly affected by "Spell shadow curseoftounges [Curse of Tongues]" and "Spell nature nullifydisease [Mind-numbing Poison]."
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally permitted players to mount in indoor areas.
  • Fixed a bug that did not properly discount subsequent legs on chained flight paths according to reputation level.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client during a login attempt if the available realm list changed around the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the client when certain combinations of models and lighting were in effect.