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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 1.8.3
Release date November 8, 2005
Initial version 4807
Interface .toc 1800
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Patch 1.8.2 Patch 1.8.4
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Patch 1.8.3 was released on 8 November 2005.

Blizzard Launcher[]

  • A new launch utility has been created to enhance your entry into World of Warcraft! The Blizzard Launcher will provide up-to-date news and important event – and support – related updates. In some regions, the Blizzard Launcher also scans for Trojan viruses and third party cheat programs and notifies you if it has located any on your machine. In addition to providing you with the benefits of additional anti-virus protection, the scan that the launcher conducts represents another security measure to protect your World of Warcraft account information and gameplay experience. For further details, please go to


  • The AddOn button should now properly show on the character selection screen for players using custom interfaces.
  • Terrain in all areas now plays the proper sound and displays the proper particle effects for the terrain type. Footsteps will also show up properly in all areas that utilize them.