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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 1.8.4
Release date December 6, 2005
Initial version 4878
Interface .toc 1800
Highlights & notes
  • Minimum battleground time for Mark of Honor received by losers. (10 min)
  • Feast of Winter Veil preparations.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Patch 1.9 preparations.
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Patch 1.8.3 Patch 1.9.0
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Patch 1.8.4 was released on 6 December 2005.


  • Battles must now last at least ten minutes after the start of the battle in order for the losing team to receive a Mark of Honor.


  • New quests for the Feast of Winter Veil have been added! See your Smokywood Pastures customer service representative in Ironforge and Orgrimmar for more details!
  • The level of many of last year's Feast of Winter Veil quests have been adjusted so that reputation rewards are available in their full amount for players of all levels able to do them.
  • Fixed a bug with both versions of the quest "B [10-70] A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You!" that was sending mail out immediately rather than on the intended delay.
  • In a startling discovery, Mistletoe sold on last year's vendors is now named "Inv misc branch 01 [Fake Mistletoe]". A Smokywood Pastures spokesman was quoted as saying, "Sorry, no refunds."
  • Some of the Southsea Dock Workers that were working under the boat should now be much more accessible to players.
  • Andre Firebeard no longer has a chance of dropping a Inv drink milk 02 [Wastewander Water Pouch].
  • All OOX Distress Beacons are now multi-drop; everyone in a group should be able to receive one if it drops.
  • Fixed a bug with Oglethorpe Obnoticus' gossip where he was being much more familiar with strangers than he should have been.


  • Various preparations added to the client for Patch 1.9.