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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 1.9.1
Release date January 10, 2006
Initial version 4983
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Patch 1.9.0
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Patch 1.9.2
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Patch 1.9.1 was released on 10 January 2006.

World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.9.1[]


  • Various disconnection issues have been fixed.


  • Spell holy blessingofagility [Heart of the Wild] - Previously, when shifting to Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, this talent would cause your current health to increase by the same amount as your max health. Now it will cause your percentage of max health to be the same before and after the shift, as well as shifting back to humanoid form. As a result, shifting in and out of these forms will no longer cause an increase in current health.
  • Druids with the Symbol of Unending Energy will now be properly awarded 30 energy if their finishing move is dodged, parried, blocked, or missed.
  • Ability hunter pet bear [Feral Charge] – Should no longer desync characters from the server when charging from land to water.


  • Spell shadow shadowworddominate [Mind Control] - Now functions properly. Previously, the person who was charmed did not appear to be moving on their screen or any other local clients.


  • Ability warrior charge [Charge] – Should no longer desync characters from the server when charging from land to water.


Quests & Reputation[]

  • Chapter 2 of the Twilight Lexicon for the quest "The Twilight Lexicon" should again drop from the appropriate NPC.
  • The "Field Duty" quest for Alliance should now work properly.

User Interface[]

  • Using the search feature "Usable Items" no longer causes all pages on the auction house after the first to appear blank.
  • Various errors occurring during use of the default user interface have been fixed.
  • The /split command has been disabled.