Patch 2.0.10
Release date March 6, 2007
Initial version 6448
Interface .toc 20003
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  • Increased the chance Frozen effects are broken when the target is critically struck by a spell.


  • The slowing affect from " [Avenger's Shield]" is now considered a snare, so snare removal and immunity affects will now work on it.


  • The base healing percent from " [Vampiric Embrace]" has been reduced to 15% from 20%. In addition, this ability can no longer get critical heals.
  • " [Silent Resolve]" no longer reduces threat generated by Shadow spells.
  • [Prayer of Mending]" now has a 10 second cooldown.
  • [Mass Dispel] will now target immunity effects first.
  • [Circle of Healing] mana cost reduced by 25%.
  • The effectiveness of " [Fade]:Rank 7" has been increased by approximately 25%.
  • The damage absorption of " [Power Word: Shield]" added by the caster's bonus healing has been increased to 20%.


  • The clearcasting effect from " [Elemental Focus]" now triggers on all spell critical strikes, rather than a chance on any spell hit.
  • The shaman will no longer generate additional threat when " [Unleashed Rage]" triggers.
  • The free Lightning spell cast from " [Lightning Overload]" will now cause reduced threat.
  • " [Stoneclaw Totem]" now has a 50% chance to stun attackers for 3 sec. when struck.
  • The bonus of the "Wrath of Air" totem now applies to healing spells as well.


  • " [Demonic Tactics]" now grants increased critical strike chance to you and your demon pet, instead of increased damage.


  • The rage normalization equation has been adjusted to grant more rage. The typical warrior should see an increase of 15% to 20% in their rage generation.
  • All warriors had their critical strike chance adjusted upward slightly (about 1%).
  • " [Thunder Clap]" is now usable in [Defensive Stance]. In addition, the tooltip has been adjusted to indicate it causes additional threat.
  • The cooldown on " [Victory Rush]" has been removed, and it can now be used up to 20 seconds after killing an enemy.
  • "Unbridled Wrath" has been modified so that rather than a fixed chance to grant rage, it has an increased chance when using slower weapons.
  • Increased the health bonus from "Commanding Shout" by 50%.
  • "Improved Battle Shout" talent renamed to " [Commanding Presence]" and now increases the health bonus from "Commanding Shout" in addition to increasing the melee attack power from " [Battle Shout]".


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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the credits to display properly.