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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 2.3.3
Release date January 22, 2008
Initial version 7799
Interface .toc 20300
Highlights & notes
  • Performance optimization
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Patch 2.3.3 was a minor patch that released on 22 January 2008.


  • Some players may notice improved data load times when newly entering the world and after zoning into new areas.
  • Character/NPC load times have been decreased, and now should appear faster. You’re not hearing voices, there really are people in Shattrath!

Bug Fixes[]

  • Mob Felspine the Greater in Shadowmoon Valley will no longer evade when engaged.
  • Mob Gutripper in Nagrand will no longer evade when engaged.
  • Players will now be correctly credited with their arena points if they purchase an arena item during weekly arena calculations.
  • Using a castsequence macro on a target moving out of range will no longer cause it to stop working.