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This article lists all undocumented changes for patch 3.0.2. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.


  • The amount of experience required to level between 60 and 70 has been reduced.
    • Approximately 30% less XP required to level (60-61 used to require 500,000, now 290,000)
    • Quest XP increased by approximately 30% (Quests at level 64 still gives the standard 10400 XP, so this needs confirmation).
    • XP gained by kills did not change
  • Mana and Energy no longer use the "tick" system and instead climb up in real time.
    • HP still tick.
  • The Azeroth World Map has been updated and now shows the Continent of Northrend.
  • Most other slider video settings have higher maximums
  • 8x anti-aliasing is now an option in the video settings
  • Shadow setting in the Video settings page/tab.
  • Headphone sound setup in the Sound settings page/tab.
  • As of now the titles "Champion of the Naaru" and "Hand of A'dal" are no longer attainable. You can still complete the relevant quests but they will not award said titles.[1] However, some people are still able to gain these titles so long as they are not level 71. According to petitions filed, players that still held the quests near the end of the chain were able to complete them and gain the title.
  • The interface, video, and sound options panels are reworked to be better organized.
  • Video and Sound options are accessible before you log in now.
  • Down ranking a spell is no longer beneficial. In most cases, downranking costs more mana than the highest rank.
  • Total disk space required for the World of Warcraft folder has been reduced. The DATA folder for a Burning Crusade install now uses 7.66GB instead of 9.14GB in 2.43.
  • Numerous graphics for Northrend characters are present in the PATCH.MPQ file. This may be to patch content on expansion release, or to speed up installation.
  • Jumping while underwater no longer works. Instead, you start to swim upwards when holding space. Even if you are swimming straight ahead, holding space will force you to the surface; it basically has the same mechanics as a flying mount.
  • Non-Forsaken characters can now hold their breath longer, changed from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. Forsaken still benefit from [Underwater Breathing], which has been reduced to a 233% benefit. Consequently, regaining your breath from a fully depleted bar also takes three times longer from what it used to be.
  • New tracking ability, Low Level Quests.
  • A lot of new emotes have been added: /absent, /arm, /awe, /backpack, /badfeeling, /blame, /blank, /brandish, /breath, /challenge, /charm, /chug, /coverears, /crossarms, /ding, /disagree, /doubt, /encourage, /enemy, /eyebrow, /highfive, /facepalm, /faint, /go, /sweat, /going, /glower, /headache, /hiccup, /hiss, /holdhand, /hurry, /idea, /jealous, /luck, /look, /map, /mercy, /mutter, /nervous, /object, /offer, /pet, /pinch, /proud, /promise, /pulse, /punch, /pout, /regret, /revenge, /rolleyes, /ruffle, /sad, /scoff, /scold, /scowl, /search, /shakefist, /shifty, /shudder, /signal, /silence, /sing, /smack, /snap, /sneak, /sneeze, /snort, /squeal, /stopattack, /suspicious, /think, /truce, /twiddle, /warn.
  • Most raid buffs no longer stack, for example [Mark of the Wild] (75 frost resistance) and [Frost Resistance Aura] (130 frost resistance) will only result in 130 frost resistance.[1]


  • Spellcasting now interrupts wand attacks.
  • Magic-damage melee auto-attacks can now be blocked.
  • Pets set to Defensive will now charge on your first attack, rather than waiting for your enemy's first attack.

Instances and Raids

  • Most buffs are now shared to the entire raid. This includes battlegrounds. (Check your tooltip to see what spells are still party-only.)
  • Heroic dungeon difficulty reduced (needs confirmation)

UI Changes


  • You can click on the spell in the Combat Log for more information about the spell.
  • In addition to overheal, the combat log also shows overkill.
  • Health and mana potions are now grayed out on action bars when at full health or mana respectively.
  • Health values appear on targets; mobs, boss, NPC, or player (regardless of group or faction).
  • You are notified if someone invites you to a party but fails because you are already in a party.

Auction House

  • The auction house now has a Glyphs section with subcategories for each Class.
  • The auction house now has a Container subcategory of 'Inscription Bag'.
  • Players will no longer receive mail with an hour cooldown when they sell an item in the auction house. Instead, this information will be displayed on the player's Auctions tab in the auction house window until the timer runs down and the money is delivered.

Currency Tab

  • The Currency Tab is currently filled by all Marks of Honor and all Badges as well as Honor/Arena point listings. Other reward tokens are not included (i.e.  [Halaa Battle Token], etc). Also, the Marks and Badges can only be found in this tab, giving up more space in your inventory.


  • The reputation listings are now sorted into a more hierarchical view.
  • The Valiance Expedition is added to the Reputation Panel.
  • Mobs and Quests that give Timbermaw Hold reputation now appear to give twice as much.


  • Hovering over the "Game Menu" option in the minibar now shows latency. The color of the screen also gives you a visual indication of the latency (green, yellow, red).

World Environment: Zones

  • The sky when you die and release has been changed. The whirlpool in the sky has been upgraded to have nether-like effects.
  • Naxxramas has been removed from Eastern Plaguelands. The teleport spire used to teleport into Naxxramas' center chamber has also been replaced by the addition of another Plague cauldron.
  • The Auberdine boat that used to go to Menethil Harbor now goes to Stormwind Harbor.
  • The dock area emptied by the Auberdine boat is now the docking for the boat from Menethil Harbor to Northrend.
  • Training Dummies can now be found in all major cities.
    • Ironforge now has training dummies by the Military Ward for practice.
    • Stormwind now has training dummies in the Old Town district, just outside of SI:7.
    • Darnassus now has training dummies just before the Warrior's Terrace as you enter town from Teldrassil.
    • Exodar now has training dummies.
    • Orgrimmar now has training dummies.
    • Thunder Bluff now has training dummies.
    • Undercity has training dummies located in the Warrior Quarter.
    • Silvermoon City now has training dummies located in front of the Hunter Hall and the PvP/BattleMasters hall, just below the Silvermoon Forge.
  • Theramore Isle now has Level 1 Training Dummies.
  • The seed pods throughout Azeroth are now blue in color.
  • Many places or areas that once dismounted the player now allow for mounted travel, the following is a list of such areas:
    • Aboard the zeppelins and boats.
    • Forsaken zeppelin towers.
    • In the open areas of Booty Bay.
    • The path leading from Blackrock Mountain to Burning Steppes.
    • The Dark Portal in Blasted Lands.
    • Silithid hive areas (not including the tunnels/caves).
    • The tunnel leading to the entrance of Razorfen Downs.
    • The path in front of Stratholme's main entrance in Eastern Plaguelands.
    • Inside Lumber mills.
    • In most night elf buildings.
    • In short, most if not all open areas that have no cover over them.
  • Entering Deeprun Tram while mounted will immediately dismount you upon zone-in; before, you could remain mounted for 5 seconds and use that time to jump to the middle platform.
  • Newman's Landing is now classified as part of Dun Morogh. In addition, the NPC High Admiral "Shelly" Jorrik and two Booty Bay Bruisers have been added there.
  • The Champion's Hall and the Hall of Legends are no longer instances, and the door cannot be opened or shut. In addition, the certain NPCs and objects in the Champions' Hall have been moved around, including Captain O'Neal, Lieutenant Karter, Lieutenant Jackspring, and the bookcase the latter stands in front of.


  • Bear-type mobs have icons in which their mouth is less wide open. These mobs are generally found in Ashenvale and Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • Ship crews (last seen for a short while after the launch of Patch 2.3.0) have returned! Ships and zeppelins now enjoy a full selection of crews, some of which even sell reagents, food, or repair items. Some boats now sway again as they did in Patch 2.3.0.
  • The Sylvanas Windrunner model has been updated from Undead Night Elf to Undead High Elf, including clothes, armor, and now carries a dark colored high elven battle bow.
  • The Varimathras model has been redone. Armor, wings, color, and face, and horns have all been adjusted.
  • Bolvar Fordragon and Katrana Prestor have been removed from Stormwind Keep, and King Varian Wrynn has been added in their place. Because of the removal of Bolvar and Katrana, the Onyxia's Lair attunment quest chain is no longer available.
  • Anduin Wrynn now bears the title "Prince of Stormwind".
  • Trolls of the Revantusk and Vilebranch tribes have all received new models, as have the Ice trolls of Dun Morogh, who now have females.
  • Many Alliance and Horde city guards have been boosted to Level 75.


Blood Elf


  • [Gift of the Naaru] now heals based on the caster's Attack Power or Spell Power, whichever is higher.


  • Shadow Resistance now reduces the chance you will be hit by Shadow spells by 2% opposed to adding 10 Shadow Resistance.
  • [Underwater Breathing] now lasts 233% longer than normal down from 300%. (Lasts about 7 minutes now, up from 3 minutes. Patch set base underwater breathing for all races at 3 min, up from 1 min.).


  • [Perception] has been changed to Racial Passive.
  • New Racial ability: [Every Man for Himself] which removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character.

Night Elf

  • [Elusiveness] racial passive has been added.
    • The explicit mention is new. The effect (enhanced stealth) has always been present.
  • [Shadowmeld] has been changed significantly.
    • You may use it in combat. It reduces threat (to 0) when used. It can probably be resisted. Your original threat is restored to full threat to all in-combat mobs when the effect ends.
    • Using shadowmeld cancels eating and drinking and makes you stand up. Shadowmeld remains in effect if you sit, but if you eat or drink, the effect is cancelled.
    • Cooldown raised to 2 minutes from 10 seconds.


  • New Racial ability: Da Voodo Shuffle which reduces the duration of movement impairing effects by 15%.


Death Knight



  • Exotic (very large) pets start off at full size when hunter logs in or pet is summoned, and shrink to normal pet-size, similar to the druid shifting.
  • Selecting a mob which you are not currently tracking (including being attacked by one) will activate tracking of that type (if available) and activate the global cooldown.
    • The tracking ability the hunter was using is not restored after the change.
    • This stops the hunter from reacting to being attacked as quickly as other classes.
    • Also, having a profession with a tracking ability requires frequent selection of the same ability over and over again.
    • This effect occurs even if the hunter does not have the survival talent which would make this beneficial.
  • [Acid Spit]: Armor reduction no longer stacks with [Expose Armor] and [Sunder Armor].[1]
  • [Aimed Shot]: Healing reduction to the target no longer stacks with [Wound Poison], [Mortal Strike], [Furious Attacks].[1]
  • [Feed Pet]: The pet eats quite a bit faster. Total feeding time seems to be about half as long.
  • [Ferocious Inspiration]: Damage increase no longer stacks with [Sanctified Retribution].[1]
  • [Scorpid Sting]: Melee hit reduction no longer stacks with [Insect Swarm].[1]
  • [Sting]: Armor reduction no longer stacks with [Faerie Fire], [Faerie Fire (Feral)] and [Curse of Recklessness].[1]
  • [Trueshot Aura]: No longer stacks with [Unleashed Rage] or the new death knight ability [Abomination's Might].[1]
  • Although the official patch notes state that only newly tamed low level pets are levelled to within 5 levels of the hunter, this instant levelling also applies to any active pet more than 5 levels below the hunter.












  • Cooked items are faster to make now.


  • Many bombs and other items now stack to 20.


  • Schools of fish will now occasionally splash in the water, making an audible sound.


  • Herbalists now receive a new spell, [Lifeblood], a self-heal over time.



  • Miners now receive the passive ability [Toughness] which adds HP based off of the skill level. (Rank 4 gives 100 hp. It could be 25 hp per skilltraining. 25 for Expert, 25 for Master and so on. Your mining skill level seems to be the "ranks")


  • Skinners now receive the passive ability [Master of Anatomy] which increases critical strike based off of the skill level.


First Aid

  • Bandages are faster to make now.



  • Maximum viewing distance has been increased by 64%.
  • Maximum particle effect density increased.
  • Idle animations improved.
  • New loading screens for Kalimdor, Eastern Kindoms and Outland, and a new login screen.


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