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This article lists all of Patch 3.2.0's undocumented changes.

Dungeons and Raids


  • The back door no longer opens automatically when the Opera event is completed. It must now be unlocked from the inside.


  • Faction restrictions on PVP servers removed.

Items: General

  • Wands which shoot fire (such as  [Firestarter]) now have a different cast sound.

Non-combat pets

New non-combat pets (listed out specifically):[2]

Pet Source Notes
 [Curious Wolvar Pup] Children's Week quest line in Dalaran
 [Curious Oracle Hatchling] Children's Week quest line in Dalaran
 [Shimmering Wyrmling] 40 Champion's Seal exalted with Horde Sunreavers / AllianceSilver Covenant
 [Darting Hatchling] Mob  Dart [48, 19] Dustwallow Marsh
 [Deviate Hatchling] Mob  Deviate Guardian Wailing Caverns near Lady Anacondra
 [Gundrak Hatchling] Mob  Gundrak Raptor Zul'Drak outside of Gundrak
 [Leaping Hatchling] Mob  Takk the Leaper [58.4, 7.4] Barrens
 [Obsidian Hatchling] Neutral Breanni for 50g Dalaran
 [Ravasaur Hatchling] Mob  Ravasaur Matriarch [66.6, 62.4] Un'Goro Crater
 [Razormaw Hatchling] Mob  Razormaw Matriarch [67.5, 30.8] Wetlands
 [Razzashi Hatchling] Mob  Razzashi Raptor Zul'Gurub near Bloodlord Mandokir
Calico Cat Unknown Not currently sold by Neutral Donni Anthania on the PTR
 [Macabre Marionette] Day of the Dead
Onyx Panther Unknown  Onyx Panther
Jade Tiger Unknown  Jade Tiger


  • The cost to purchase a mount has also been lowered:[3]
    • Regular land mount, 60% speed: reduced to 1g from 10g
    • Epic land mount, 100% speed: reduced to 10g from 100g
    • Regular flying mount, 60/150% speed: reduced to 50g from 100g
    • Epic flying mount, 100/280% speed: reduced to 100g from 200g
  • Netherdrake mounts will periodically coast while in flight similar to other dragon mounts.
  • Possible bug: When you run mounted, jump with your mount and strafe while in the air, the mount's rear will have a new animation.
  • All mount spells are now off the global cooldown. Previously, this was only the case for certain new mounts.
  • Players can no longer get into the Mekgineer Chopper or Mechano-hog while shapeshifted. IE using a noggenfogger to transform into the skeleton.


World Events

Class Specific Changes

Death Knight

  • [Blood Strike] now has its total damage increased by only 12.5% for each of your diseases on the target (Old - 25%).[4]




The added ability to cast four totems at once is available as three spells learned from a shaman trainer: [Call of the Elements] (at level 30), [Call of the Ancestors] (40), and [Call of the Spirits] (50). Each spell can cast a different set of totems.



  • Protection
    • [Shield Block] has been reverted to - Increases your chance to block and block value by 100% for 10 sec.[1]

User Interface



User interface

  • The equipment manager has been improved
  • The raid instance portal graphic now features five blue swirls around a circular shape
  • Vehicles that are "gunners" now have an improved target graphics (3D sphere instead of a target circle)
  • The color of Undercity's minimap has changed from a blue based color scheme to a brown one
  • Hovering over an achievement category in the Achievement interface now shows a tooltip with a progress bar
  • The LUA error window has been redesigned, making addons like BugSack redundant. You can also go into Interface Settings and hide all errors
  • Pirates' Day is now listed in the calendar, and has its own unique icon.
  • An error message will now display in the mailbox interface if your mail is too full to display all of the items in it.
  • Quest tracker: you can no longer cancel a quest by rightclicking onto it (removed from the context menu); you can no longer unwatch a quest by holding shift and clicking onto its name in the quest tracker

World environment

  • Nighthaven finally receives postal service.
  • One of the central buildings in Nighthaven now grants rested state, although it is still lacking an innkeeper.
  • Argent Tournament changes:
  • Zeppelin towers now have decorations that indicate the destination for the zeppelin to aid in choosing the right flight. In addition, the titles of zeppelin masters now clearly state to what zone the corresponding zeppelin flies to, e.g. "Howling Fjord Zeppelin Master".
  • The portals to Stormwind City and Orgrimmar on the Stair of Destiny can now be entered by players.






  • Some critters can no longer be skinned.


Dungeons and raids


  • /castrandom no longer choose a new spell if the spell it previously chose failed to cast. Instead, it will continue to attempt to cast the spell that failed until it successfully casts before choosing a new spell.[5]

Game Engine

  • gxRefresh was inadvertently broken. 60 Hz is the only setting which is usable.
  • High-end Shadow Optimization was turned off to prevent shadow flickering with some cards/drivers. This will lower your fps. More info: shadowinstancing


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