API changes

AddOn Namespace

  • The Lua script files in an AddOn now have access to a private table.


  • NEW - QueryQuestsCompleted() requests that the server send the client a list of completed quest ids. Once the list is received the QUEST_QUERY_COMPLETE event is fired. (There is a limit on how frequently this can be called)
  • NEW - tbl = GetQuestsCompleted([tbl]) populates a table (creating one if necessary) with the ids of completed quests as keys with true values.


  • The format of NPC GUId's has changed, the creature ID is now two hex digits (8 bits) to the left, e.g. Hogger (0x1C0) is now xF13001C0000005D2 (formerly xF1300001C00005D2)

Widget API

  • The deprecated GetFrameType method has been completely removed (GetObjectType offers the same result)


  • NEW - isOver = region:IsMouseOver() -- Tests whether the mouse is over the region, replaces the MouseIsOver FrameXML lua function.


  • NEW - Button:SetMotionScriptsWhileDisabled(enable) --Allows OnEnter and OnLeave to fire while the button is disabled.
  • NEW - isEnabled = Button:GetMotionScriptsWhileDisabled()
  • This can also be set from XML: <Button motionScriptsWhileDisabled="true">
  • The registerForClicks property can now be set from XML.


  • NEW - width = Texture:GetFileWidth() --Gets the width/height of the actual file in use by the texture. (0 if we can't access the texture for some reason) (Note: These currently aren't returning the right values for some Blizzard UI images)
  • NEW - height = Texture:GetFileHeight()


  • The @ symbol has been added as a synonym for 'target=' to help avoid confusion and compact macros, you can do /cast [@focus] Obliterate
  • The following new macro conditionals have been added:
    the PLAYER has a vehicle UI
    the target of the macro has a vehicle UI

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