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  • Trolls
    • [Berserking], tooltip corrected to show increase in casting speed as well as attack speed.


  • Mana cost of lower ranked spells has been decreased for many abilities and classes. See below for specifics.[1]
  • Tooltips for all silencing abilities have been updated to also state, "Non-player victim spellcasting is also interrupted for 3 sec."[1]

Death Knights

  • Unholy
    • [Desecration], duration increased to 20 seconds (old, 12 seconds)[1]
    • [Bone Shield], reduced to 3 bones (old, 4 bones). Duration increased to 5 minutes (old, 1 minute) [2]


  • Balance
    • [Genesis] - tooltip changed to clarify that it only applies to spell DoT effects[1]
  • Feral
    • Bear and Cat Form now have a proper dodge animation
    • Swipe (Bear) - renamed from the generic "Swipe" to separate it from Swipe (Cat), range increased to 8 yards (Old - 5 yards)[1]
    • [Infected Wounds] - tooltip fix, the debuff no longer stacks, full effect at one application (Old - Stacks up to 2 times, actual change already implemented in 3.2.2)[1]








Dungeons & Raids


Player Versus Player

  • The bottom tier level bracket for Alterac Valley is once again 51-60. In addition, the next tier has been changed back to 61-70.

User Interface

  • The loading screens for major zones (Kalimdor, Outland, etc.) have been updated to support widescreen resolutions.
  • The Micro Menu has had a few minor changes:
    • The Talents button is now visible to characters below level 10.
    • The Talents, Achievements, and PvP, are now disabled until level 10 and LFG until level 15.
  • Name display for critters and vanity pets is now linked and can only be switched on or off together.
  • Equipment Manager
    • Any equipment included in an item set will now have all sets it is in included in its tooltip.
    • If the player wants to equip an incomplete item set, it displays, for which equipment slots the items are missing, instead of just the number of missing items.
  • The smaller version of the World Map can be moved, but it is initially locked. It can be unlocked by right-clicking on its title bar which gives a popup menu.
  • The backgrounds of some of the racial character select screens have had a haze added to better contrast between the background and the character in the foreground. This is notable on the Stormwind and Ironforge backgrounds for Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes.
  • The View Event option in the calendar now has a new option, Tentative, coloring your entry in Yellow.
  • Items can now be linked in custom chat channels.
  • The default camera following style is now only when moving (used to be only horizontal when moving).
  • The loot window is now opened at mouse by default.
  • Dungeons in the LFG frame now have a level range and a difficulty color.
  • When you complete a quest the Objective frame hints to the name of the NPC and his place to turn the quest in.
  • If the quest consists of multiple parts, and you have completed one such part, that part will no longer be displayed in the Objective frame.
  • The Objectives frame is smaller now. The number of mobs you must kill, or the number of items you must collect for a specific quest is now displayed at the beginning of the line, instead of the end.
  • Tracked quests stay tracked on logging out.
  • At the bottom of the quest log when accepting a new quest, the experienced to be gained will be shown.
  • Right-clicking an NPC who is out of interaction range will now result in the error message, "You need to be closer to that character to interact with it."
  • You no longer leave your party upon logging out.
  • The raid warning feature /rw, which was previously available for use to any member of a five man party will no longer work in a party at all. When you try to issue a warning with the raid warning while in a five man party you now get the message "You aren't in a raid."

World environment





Engineering, Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing all have new plans available from the Ashen Verdict.



  • Grand master cooking made easier to level at high levels; all 400 cooking recipes except Worg Tartare now turn yellow at 425 and green at 450, Gigantic Feast and Small Feast now turn yellow at 435 and remain yellow at 450.



  • There will no longer be any chance to catch trash when fishing from pools.[8]




Bind on Account

All Bind on Account Items are now able to be shared cross faction.








Bug Fixes

  • Items
  • Classes
    • Warrior
      • Equipping a jousting lance (e.g.  [Argent Lance]) while dual-wielding two-handed weapons (via [Titan's Grip]) now correctly unequips both weapons before equipping the lance.

Mac Client Changes

  • Significantly reduced the effect of the scroll wheel on mice for MacBook Pro


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