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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 4.0.6 (undocumented changes)

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This article lists all undocumented changes for patch 4.0.6. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.




  • Only one target can be affected by Spell frost chainsofice [Freezing Trap] at a time
  • Ability hunter steadyshot [Steady Shot] and Ability hunter cobrashot [Cobra Shot] no longer cause the hunter to rotate to face the target. An error is still displayed if the target is behind the hunter.



  • Spell nature purge [Devour Magic] (felhunter) Cooldown increased to 15 seconds, up from 8, but down from 20 the patch notes indicate.


  • Warrior talent icon innerrage [Inner Rage] Cooldown is 30 seconds, in contradiction to the patch notes.


  • Spell shadow dispersion [Dispersion] Casting while mounted will no longer dismount you.
  • Spell holy layonhands [Levitate] It's no longer possible to "glide" along walls, without losing altitude.

Dungeons & Raids[]

Bastion of Twilight[]

  • A Summoning Stone has been added outside the entrance.


  • Vanessa VanCleef
    • Although the third set of ropes has been removed, she still triggers an explosion as she dies. Move away from her to avoid death.

Halls of Origination[]

  • Temple Fireshapers now consume (and consequently can run out of) mana casting Molten Barrier.

Lost City of the Tol'vir[]

Shadowfang Keep[]

  • Commander Springvale
    • He now develops Separation Anxiety and increases damage by 200% if taken out of his room.
    • It is no longer possible to despawn his initial adds by aggroing them and immediately resetting the encounter (eg. through Feign Death).
  • A few trash mobs have been removed.


  • If the second or third groups of trash mobs before Corborus are engaged, the first one will also engage if still alive.
  • A pack of trash before Ozruk (to his right) has been removed.

Vortex Pinnacle[]



All Profession Cooldowns with a 24 hour cooldown now state 'Cooldown resets at midnight' as opposed to a countdown.





  • Rare items of iLevel 316+ now only require a skill of 450 to disenchant, down from 500.



  • A new mouse cursor has been added, in the shape of a fishing hook.
  • About two extra seconds of leeway added before the channel of fishing expires.


  • Herbs respawn much more quickly. This is especially noticeable with Inv misc herb whiptail [Whiptail] in Uldum.

User Interface[]

  • The three statuses (Red, Yellow, Green) are shown in the taskbar button of Windows 7 and Windows Vista if the content is not fully downloaded.
  • Mousing over the Game Menu icon now provides two latency numbers; a home and a world.[3]
  • The Auction House offers to filter for items of Legendary quality.
  • The search filters for ammunition and soul bags have been removed from the Auction House.
  • Having "Consolidate Buffs" disabled under the Buffs and Debuffs section of the User Interface menu now works as intended. Prior to this patch, it would automatically re-enable upon log out even if the box was unchecked.


  • The Lovely Charm Bracelet quests for Thunder Bluff and Ironforge are fixed for the new city bosses.
  • Credit for killing Tank for B [35G3 Daily] Shark Tank no longer requires being in a group that tagged it.
  • The mobs for the level 81-85 version of the daily Crushing the Crown drop level loot equal to their Northrend counterparts only.
  • Troggs which drop Inv misc bag 12 [Bag of Verlok Miracle-Grow] for N [30-35 Daily] Through Persistence now drop Inv misc dust 04 [Sprinkle of Verlok Miracle-Grow] if they don't drop the bag anyway. 5 of these sprinkes can be combined to form a full bag.


  • You can now mount and fly within the Temple of Earth in Deepholm.
  • The mailbox at Ramkahen now has a new model, and two additional ones have been added in close vicinity.
  • Mounting and dismounting seems to have a new animation and sparkle effect
  • Mounts are now usable in the Stormwind Gryphon Roost (flight master area).
  • Mounts can now fly through the Gryphon pipes in Ironforge.
  • Northrend Argent Tournament jousting shield icons around the character now properly update.
  • You are no longer dismounted or removed from Flight or Travel Form when entering Vir'naal Dam.
  • Exodar quartermaster has been moved from the old flight-path location to the new location.
  • Chairs beside the Justice and Valor points vendors in Stormwind have been replaced with weapons racks.
  • A Hero's Call Board and Warchief's Command Board are now present in Dalaran in their respective faction areas.
  • Ghastly Scavengers on Tol Barad Peninsula are now neutral to players.
  • The foxes of Tol Barad Peninsula are now skinnable.
  • Horde porting into Deepholm now arrive in front of the Orgrimmar portal instead of the Stormwind portal.
  • The exit from the Deeprun Tram to Stormwind has been updated past the portal to include the change in tunnel level.
  • There are now mobs located at the Obelisk of the Moon after its final questing phase.
  • Dalaran will get even more empty, as Larisse Pembraux in Stormwind now sells heirlooms for Justice Points.
  • Retrieved fresh from the Stagecoach Crash Site, Stormglen Village in Gilneas now has an anvil and forge!
  • Vendetta Point in Southern Barrens now has a flight master (Horde)
  • Guards have been added to many towns throughout the world.


Bug Fixes[]

  • Female worgen now use the correct sound effect when laughing.
  • Inv shield bwdraid d 02 [Elementium Stormshield] now properly displays on players that have it equipped.
  • The attach point of Inv mace 127 [Wild Hammer] has been fixed, so you grip it by the hilt, rather than the top of the shaft.
  • Capital city tabards now work properly in Wrath of the Lich King dungeons. They have the same reputation rewards for killing trash mobs and bosses (15 and 300 respectively) as in Classic and Cataclysm dungeons.
  • Various mounts now again make sounds when moving. Examples include Ability mount rocketmount2 [X-53 Touring Rocket] and Ability mount gyrocoptorelite [Turbo-Charged Flying Machine].
  • Bind to Account items from Cataclysm factions, such as the Earthen Ring, no longer require achieving the same reputation level to use as they do to purchase. Items purchased before the patch still require the same reputation to use.
  • Phasing of Render's Crater in Redridge Mountains after the quest A [7-30] Detonation has been vastly improved, with mobs no longer constantly falling from the original phase of Render's Valley. Flying in and near the eastern half of the zone also no longer produces a flight ceiling effect.
  • The flight master icon mistakenly placed at Keeshan's Post in Redridge Mountains has been removed.
  • Players can now visibly emote while walking again!
  • /mountspecial noises and animations can no longer be spammed via animation cancel.