Patch 4.2.0 (undocumented changes)
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  • Due to Burning Crusade status being granted to all accounts, level 60 characters who could previously queue for a random classic dungeon through the dungeon finder can now only queue for a random Burning Crusade dungeon instead.
  • Checking your mail, opening your map, or typing /read (but NOT typing the /map emote) now plays an animation of your character unfurling a map.
  • New hairstyles have been added in the barber shop for the following race/gender combinations:
    • Night Elf Female: Sassy Buns, Sassy Tails
    • Gnome Female: Punky
    • Gnome Male: The Curl, Blade's Edge, Fauxhawk
    • Dwarf Male: Triple Knots, Tousled, Combover
    • Dwarf Female: Wings, Sassy Buns
    • Draenei Female: Slicked
    • Blood Elf Male: Short (previously listed as "Slicked")
    • Blood Elf Female: Braided Tail
    • Tauren Female: High, Omega, Backswept
    • Troll Male: Balding Braids, Dragon's Crest, Falling Fauxhawk
    • Troll Female: Sticks & Stones, Backblown
    • Undead Male: Wedge
    • Orc Male and Orc Female had new hairstyles on the PTR that did not make it to the live patch.
  • Jin'do the Godbreaker now warns "Jin'do charges his weapon with the Shadows of Hakkar!" whenever casting Hakkar's Shadow.
  • Companion pets that cannot fly are dismissed when lifting off the ground on a flying mount (but not in flight forms) and return when you dismount.
  • Burning Crusade heroic dungeons no longer (indirectly) require certain reputation levels due to the removal of the keyring. The former attunement quest N [25-30D] Hard to Kill for Magisters' Terrace still exists, but is no longer necessary to enter the dungeon on heroic difficulty.
  • The gate of Karazhan no longer requires  [The Master's Key]. The former attunement questline to acquire the key still exists.
  • Feline companion pets have sitting and lying idle animations.
  • Avian companion pets have had their flapping speed reduced.




  • Permanent pets no longer despawn when mounting and riding on the ground, but despawn when the player takes flight. In addition, the last used hunter pet will always be shown on the login screen even if not at the master's side when the player logged out (possibly intended for at least warlocks as well, but not working).


  • [Prowl] now once again begins its cooldown once the druid leaves Prowl. (Note: for rogues' Stealth, this is indeed in the patchnotes, but not for Prowl).
  • Balance druids can now move change the direction of their [Eclipse] meter when starting fresh (either from zoning in, or having recently died) up until they reach their first Eclipse state, at which point the eclipse meter will only move in a single direction. [Starsurge] will continue to select the most advantageous Eclipse, but will always prefer Solar over Lunar when starting from exactly 0 energy.



  • [Rebuke] will now cause the character to perform the uppercut-animation instead of the kick-animation.[1]



Dungeons and raids

Molten Core

Player Versus Player

  • Reputation earned in Arathi Basin is now earned for every 260 resources (250 during Call to Arms), up from 160/150.
  • If you are not flagged for PvP and you buff a player who is flagged, you stay unflagged.


  • Crafted gems now stack.
  •  [Horde Balloon] and  [Alliance Balloon] companion pets have been added to the game. Speak with Jaga in the Valley of Wisdom, Orgrimmar or Vin in Cathedral Square, Stormwind to start the quest, B [10-60] Blown Away to obtain them.
  •  [Winged Guardian] now has a unique icon.
  • The MiniZep created by  [MiniZep Controller] can no longer fly in areas where flight is restricted, such as battlegrounds and dungeons. It can still fly in areas that allow flight, even if the controlling player has not learned the appropriate flight skill for the area. MiniZeps that cannot fly can still jump.
  • New Vicious Gladiator Season 10 gear, i371, has been added as of the start date of arena season 10 on July 5th, 2011. The new gear has increased statistics to maintain the alignment between conquest purchases, Ruthless Gladiator i384, and honor purchases, the new Vicious Gladiator Season 10 i371.
    • The undocumented change was questioned by many who spent honor and gold (for gems, enchants, and reforging) and would have saved for an additional week had they known of the changes. Blizzard has not yet determined if or how to compensate for this change.
  •  [Mature Spore Sac] is now Bind on Pickup and can no longer be sold or traded.



  • The ability to make  [Sporeling Snack]s has been removed from the game, and  [Recipe: Sporeling Snack] in a player's inventory has been changed into a  [Ruined Recipe], a gray quality item. Existing Sporeling Snacks in an inventory have also become gray items with no use, and their flavor text have changed from "Pets love sporeling snacks!" to "Pets hate sporeling snacks!"
  •  [Kibler's Bits] has been changed to just make your pet larger for 5 min, from previously increasing your pet's happiness (the happiness-system was removed in 4.1).
  • Items purchased with [Chef's Award] have been added to Cooking Supplies vendors in Darnassus, Ironforge, Thunder Bluff and Undercity (previously limited to Stormwind City and Orgrimmar).
  •  [Recipe: Dig Rat Stew] and  [Recipe: Undermine Clam Chowder] have been reimplemented with new sources.


  •  [Fire Prism] has been moved to the Consumables tab in the Jewelcrafting skill pane.


  • The skill required to mine and smelt ore has been reduced for most vanilla ores (i.e. tin through thorium).

World Environment

  • Portals to Orgrimmar and Stormwind have been added outside the Nordrassil Inn in Mount Hyjal.
  • The red glow at the top of the castle towers in Stormwind City doesn't glow as much as it used to, and the wood texture of the castle tower has a newer look to it.
    • The mini-map in this area also has had some refinements, including orange for the castle towers.
  • A new pub, the Shady Lady has been added to Stormwind's Dwarven District. Because really, you can never have too many of those.
    • Quincy Cutler, the owner and proprietor of the Shady Lady, now sells off-hand wine glasses that could previously only be found in Dalaran. And yet, somehow he could only afford to buy the top half of his outfit.
  • The alley itself of Cut-Throat Alley is no longer part of the Cut-Throat Alley subzone, which now only encompasses the empty two-story building within it.
  • All the molten giants (such as Molten Destroyers, Molten Giants (mob) and Golemagg the Incinerator) have had their model updated.
  • The Ruins of Lordaeron has been populated with NPCs: Undercity Citizens, Kor'kron Overseers, Apothecary Initiates and Forsaken Apothecaries.
  • Some Hero's Call! and similar breadcrumb quests automatically unlock the flight paths for the destination quest hub.
  • The fishing pools at Schnottz's Landing are no longer affected by phasing and can now be seen by any player within the subzone (the phasing would previously cause the pools to turn invisible to players who hadn't completed the necessary quests). The Shrine of Goldrinn is however still suffering from this problem (herbs inside the zone turn invisible to some players when they enter it), implying that Schnottz's Landing was merely a location change, and not a phasing-mechanics change.

User Interface

Bug Fixes