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This article lists all undocumented changes for patch 4.3.0. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.


  • Additional Brewfest decorations added.
  • New laugh, cry, and chicken emote sounds for worgen human form added.
    • Both forms now properly play a sound when /sigh is used as well.
  • New hairstyles have been added for the following race/gender combinations:
    • Orc Male: Wedge
    • Orc Female: Bangs, Braided Hawk
  • Those who have an Annual Pass will receive a mail with  [Tyrael's Charger] as an enclosed item.
  • While swimming and leaping out from the surface of the water, players now move at the same speed as they do on land for the duration of that jump.



New quests added:



  • [Bombardment] changed to match description - it now ends on next [Multi-Shot], instead of lasting its full duration and halving the cost of all Multi-Shots cast in that period. This has been reverted a few days later.
  • Silthid Colossi now have normal silithid sound bites associated with their attacks.
  • Beetles now have a swimming animation.


  • [Permafrost] tooltip changed. It no longer states the percentage by which the target's healing is reduced. As [Mortal Strike], [Furious Attacks] and [Wound Poison] have all been changed to cause a 25% debuff (back up from 10%) it's possible that this tooltip change reflects a similar change in the healing debuff provided by the talent.



Raids & Dungeons

  • In the Dungeon Finder the Cataclysm Heroic Dungeons have been recategorized as follows:
  • The new 4.3.0 Heroic Dungeons require an average item level of 353.
  • Completing a Random Heroic now awards 150 [Valor Points].
  • City faction tabards now function in Burning Crusade dungeons. City reputation awards do not replace dungeon's own awards - while wearing city tabard you get both reputations at once.

Blackwing Lair

  • The Orb of Command can now be used to enter Blackwing Lair without being in a raid group.

Molten Core

The Underbog




World Environment

User Interface

  • Raid Icons have been renamed to Target Markers.
  • Added some buttons to rotate and move your character in Character Info interface, including the dressing room.
  • Mini-map Tracking has been reorganized and two new options have been added.
  • Items tracked on the mini-map will now indicate if the item is above or below your location in altitude when you mouse over the icon.
  • Restore to Default button added to the Dungeon Journal.
  • Added a Hide Bosses option in the lower-right corner of Dungeon and Raid Maps.
  • Equipped item level is now displayed in the Character Info pane.
  • The color that is used for displaying the levels on the Map depends on your current character level, ranging from gray (very easy zone) to red (very hard zone). The difficulty of the zone depends on its mob and quest levels.
  • A slower animation is shown if you acquire new spells, either by buying or as a quest reward (from class quests in starting areas).
  • You can no longer delete characters that have mail or heirlooms in their inventory or void storage.
  • Brazilian Portuguese localization has been added.
  • Report Spam now removes the offending item from the chat window.
  • Auction House now shows more relevant information in the "Lvl" (Level) column for some categories: Containers - "Slots", Gems - "iLvl", Recipes - "Skill" (to learn). Also, when sorted by "Rarity" column, Weapons and Armor are sorted with higher ilvl items at the top.
  • Users without the latest expansions now receive an "upgrade" button on the left of the character select screen to upgrade their account.
  • The Raid Browser has been moved to the "Other Raids" section of the new Raid Finder.
  • The Dungeon Finder eye near the Minimap displays how many players are joined in the group, when the number is lower than the maximum.
  • The popup menu of the Dungeon Finder eye is now positioned under it, instead of left from it.
  • The target portrait frame is less translucent (at least the Health, Mana and Energy bars and Combo points).
  • When queuing for multiple specific battlegrounds, players can now enter and complete battlegrounds without losing their place in any queues for other battlegrounds. As soon as the player is invited to join a battleground, any other battleground queues are suspended until the player has completed the battleground or declined the invitation. However, the player's place in any other queues is maintained, which often means that upon completing a battleground the player will immediately be invited to join any other battlegrounds they were queueing for.
  • The countdown timer when announcing that a battleground/arena is about to begin now has a sound effect for the last 10 numbers.
  • Enemy targets with buffs you can dispel now have those buffs highlighted.
  • The queue in the Honor frame now displays the status of and lets you queue for Tol Barad and Wintergrasp while on every continent.

Game Engine

Game Client

  • When the game is started from the WoW.exe and there is a patch available, it will start the Launcher.exe instead. (Previous behavior: after login, prompted the user with a button to quit and start the Launcher)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would cause certain animations (such as the animation from opening the world map) to interrupt fishing.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the achievement  [Going Down?] to be unlocked by using The Baron's Cannon during the quest In With a Bang.