Patch 5.2.0 (undocumented changes)
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This article lists all undocumented changes for Patch 5.2.0. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.



  • [Displacer Beast] cooldown reduced from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • Shapeshifting out of [Flight Form] / [Swift Flight Form] now makes a more accurate fall speed based on the direction angle and speed upon removal. As this only applies in Pandaria and does not affect flying mounts, it is likely a bug.


  • [Blazing Speed] duration reduced from 1.5 to 1 sec and can now be used at any time.
  • [Scorch] base mana cost increased from 0.1% to 2% and moved to level 48.


  • [Diffuse Magic] now has a new icon.
  • The tooltip for [Soothing Mist] now correctly states its Chi generation chance as 30% (it previously incorrectly stated 35%.)
  • The tooltip for [Stagger] now includes the amount of stagger remaining.


  • [Hex] now uses the new, more-detailed toad model.


Pet Battles

Raids and Dungeons


  • Attempting to gather nearby herbs while flying no longer dismounts players. Instead, an error message is given.
  • Fishing on Darkmoon Island now fishes up items appropriate to the character's fishing skill level.
  • The cooldown for  [Potion of Luck] has been reduced to 20 minutes, down from 1 hour.
  • MoP crafted green regular and perfect gems now stack automatically when created.




  • The Staked Skins for the quest N [60] Tan My Hide on Darkmoon Island now have their appropriate skinning sound again.
  • Dead and wounded NPCs and creatures have sparkles when they are related to your quest objectives.
  • All items and quests related to  [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings] are now available to monks.

User interface

  • Players no longer receive a confirmation window for Bind on Pickup loot when they are not in a group.
  • The /follow command has been disabled in battlegrounds. [1]
  • Opening the map now generates a ping visual effect at the location of the character arrow, helping players to quickly find their location on the map. The character arrow is also no longer hidden behind quest icons.
  • Damage absorption is now indicated with a clear cyan dot at the right of the target's health bar.
  • Health of a player, pet, party, target, etc. can now be displayed both as numeric value and as percentage. If Both is selected, the health is displayed in the following format: (<Perc>%) <Cur>/<Max>, where Perc stands for percentage, Cur for current health and Max for maximum health of the respective objects.
  • The character arrow on the Minimap is translucent to icons such as quest NPCs, battle pets, etc.
  • The Player vs. Player interface has been completely redesigned. As a result, all individual battleground information has been removed.
  • Unlearning talents no longer dismounts players.

World environment

  • Flight points are no longer automatically discovered in level 1-85 zones. In Pandaria they were never auto-discovered.[2]

Capital cities



Darkmoon Faire



Dungeons and Instances

  • When entering Blackrock Depths using the dungeon finder, groups will automatically be transported to their start location, rather than the dungeon entrance. (i.e: groups assigned to clear the Upper City will be spawned near the mole machine after the Grim Guzzler.)