Patch 5.3.0/API changes

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New Features

  • You can now control for which specialization you will receive loot from LFR/Quests.
  • The number of pet stable pages has increased from 2 to 5 (Increasing the number of slots from 20 to 50).
  • Knowledge base and GM tickets now use an embedded web browser to interact with Blizzard's Support website.
    • The embedded browser functionality is encapsulated by the Browser widget type.

Misc Changes

  • tradeSkillLink encoding changed significantly. The first four fields were re-arranged, and specialization data was added for Cooking.


  • If InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory(panel) is called before the addon panels list is updated after adding a new panel, the interface options frame will open to another panel. You can work around this behavior by calling the function twice.

Automated diff

Global API

Global API ( →
14 new functions 1 removed functions


FrameXML ( →
3 new functions 0 removed functions


Events ( →
8 new events 1 removed events

Widget API

Widget API ( →
14 new methods 0 removed methods

Widget Handlers

Widget Handlers ( →
3 new handlers 0 removed handlers