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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 5.4.7
Release date February 18, 2014
Latest version date March 11, 2014
Initial version 17898
Latest version 18019
Interface .toc 50400 (changes)
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Patch 5.4.7 was the first World of Warcraft patch of 2014. It ended Season 14 and set up the start for Season 15 a week later.

Last patch notes update: 2014-02-13



  • Talents
    • Spell holy blessingofagility [Heart of the Wild] now provides the following benefits from PvP Power when activated:
      • Restoration Druids now receive 50% of their PvP Power applied towards damage while the ability is active (down from 100%).
      • Feral and Balance Druids now receive 100% of their PvP Power applied towards healing while the ability is active (down from 120%).


  • Talents
    • Rogue nerve strike [Nerve Strike] now causes a successful Ability rogue kidneyshot [Kidney Shot] or Cheap Shot to also reduce the damage dealt by player targets by 25% (down from 50% for player targets). No changes to the talent when used against non-player targets.


  • Demonology
    • Felguard's Inv axe 09 [Legion Strike] and Wrathguard's Inv axe 09 [Mortal Cleave] now reduces the effectiveness of any healing received for 6 seconds (up from 5 seconds) so the pet can maintain the effect without Haste.


  • General
    • Warrior disruptingshout [Disrupting Shout] and Inv gauntlets 04 [Pummel] now both share a 15-second cooldown when either ability is used. Disrupting Shout's 40-second cooldown remains unchanged but the ability will be unavailable for 15 seconds after using Pummel.


Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios[]

  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Garrosh Hellscream
      • Garrosh Hellscream and Minions of Y'Shaarj now have less health on 10-player Heroic difficulty.
      • Unstable Iron Stars now triggered when 4 or more players are together (up from 3 players) on 10-player Heroic difficulty.


  • Season 15 has begun! With the start of the new season, Prideful Gladiator gear, and weapons are now available for purchase.
  • Season 14 Grievous Gladiator gear and weapons can now be purchased using Pvpcurrency-honor-alliancePvpcurrency-honor-horde [Honor Points] instead of Pvpcurrency-conquest-alliancePvpcurrency-conquest-horde [Conquest Points].
  • Base Resilience for level-90 players is now 77% (up from 72%). Base Resilience for players below level 90 remain at 40%.
  • Resilience Diminishing Returns curve for Resilience has been adjusted for the new base resilience value to maintain the same value per point of Resilience as previously.
  • Ability creature cursed 05 [Battle Fatigue] now reduces healing received while in PvP combat by 60% (up from 55%).
  • Gladiator's Distinction, the set bonus for wearing two PvP trinkets, now grants 5280 Resilience (up from 2600).

Battlegrounds and Arenas[]



  • BattleTag™ or Real ID friends are now only able to send 10 chat messages every 10 seconds over® chat. User Interface Add-Ons should use the new send function and receive events to send communications information.

Isle of Thunder[]

  • Resolved a bug where walls on the Isle of Thunder may incorrectly revert to an earlier progression stage.

Client patches[]

Build Release date Notes
18019 2014-03-11 ?
17956 2014-02-27 ?
17930 2014-02-20 ?
17898 2014-02-18 Initial release