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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 5.4.8
Release date May 20, 2014
Latest version date June 16, 2014
Initial version 18273
Latest version 18414
Interface .toc 50400 (changes)
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Patch 5.4.8 is the fourth minor patch for patch 5.4.

Last patch notes update: 2014-05-19


  • Druid
  • Rogue
    • Rogue burstofspeed [Burst of Speed] can now be activated to remove movement-slowing effects even if another movement speed bonus such as Ability rogue sprint [Sprint] is already present (the speed bonuses will still not stack).

Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios[]

  • Siege of Orgrimmar
    • General Nazgrim
      • General Nazgrim no longer calls in an additional wave of forces at 10% health on Raid Finder difficulty.
    • Garrosh Hellscream
      • Increased berserk timer for Garrosh Hellscream to 25 minutes (up from 18 minutes) on Raid Finder difficulty.




  • Inv misc bag 16 [Going To Need A Bigger Bag] is now an account-wide achievement and items obtained by all characters on the account now contribute credit towards completion. This means the achievement can be completed by obtaining all the required items across multiple characters instead of having a single character obtain all the items needed.

Client patches[]

Build Date Notes
18414 2014-06-16 ?
18291 2014-05-20 Hotfixes
18273 2014-05-20 Initial release