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This article lists all undocumented changes for patch 7.1.0. All documented changes should be listed on the main article.


Death knight




  • General
    • The following teleport and portal spells have new icons:
      • Teleport: NeutralHall of the Guardian
      • Ancient Teleport/Portal: NeutralDalaran
      • Teleport/Portal: NeutralDalaran - Broken Isles
      • Teleport/Portal: AllianceDarnassus
      • Teleport/Portal: AllianceStormshield / HordeWarspear

† - shared icons with Teleport/Portal: NeutralDalaran - Northrend; ‡ - shared icons with Teleport/Portal: AllianceHorde Tol Barad

  • Fire
    • The flame orbs of  [Felo'melorn] can now be hidden by talking to Archmage Melis.
    • The flame orbs of Felo'melorn can now have additional colors that correspond to the Felo'melorn artifact skin in use.



  • General
  • Discipline
    • [Plea]'s base icon has been changed from golden to light blue. It now becomes golden at 4 stacks, and red at 8 stacks.


  • General
    • Shaman no longer lose the [Masquerade] disguise in Suramar City after using [Ghost Wolf]. They will instead change into a mana saber while in the city.
    • Shaman who have researched Elemental Binding at their Class Hall can now accept the Elemental Lord's blessing without being dismounted.


  • General
    • The green fire version of [Dreadsteed] now behaves like the original. The green fire crackles stay where summoned rather than following.






Pet Battles

  •  [Zoom] can no longer be caged and traded, he is limited to 1 down from 3 in the pet journal, and all duplicates have been removed.



  • Alterac Valley
    • Each Marshal now provides Vanndar Stormpike and all Marshals with an additional 45% health and 60% damage, up from 30% and 40% respectively.
    • Each Warmaster now provides Drek'Thar, Drakan, Duros, and all Warmasters with an additional 45% health and 60% damage, up from 30% and 40% respectively.

Honor Talents






Class Hall

  • Missions related to class campaign quests have had their completion time significantly reduced.

Dungeons and Raids

World Environment

Bug Fixes

  •  [Robes of the Dreamgrove] now properly appears as a robe instead of a tunic.
  • Unlocked  [Master Plow] at Sunsong Ranch works properly again.
  • The camera no longer becomes desynced after completing the Icecrown Gunship Battle in Icecrown Citadel.
  • The PlayMusic() API function now works again. (Patch 7.0.3 broke its functionality.[6])
  • All items that are added to the player's Appearances collection, regardless of item quality, are now announced in the player's chat window. (Previously, only items of epic quality were announced.)
  • Blood elf characters now grip fist weapons correctly.
  • The search field in the Profession UI now correctly returns results when using capital letters. (This was broken in Patch 7.0.3.)
  • The correct sound is now played when shifting into the flight version of Travel Form without  [Mark of the Sentinel]. Previously, it made an owl sound regardless of whether or not the glyph was applied.
  • The environment in Black Morass is no longer missing its water.
  • It is no longer possible to use the party unit frame to report the name of the NPCs grouped with your character during the scenarios for acquiring your class artifacts.

User Interface

  • Max Camera Distance has been removed from the Camera options.[7]
  • The icon list window for the Macro and Equipment Manager frames has been expanded.
  • A new option to hide the waist, shirt, and tabard slots have been added via Transmogrification.
  • The loading screen used for the Broken Isles has been changed slightly. The sword in Varian Wrynn's right hand is now orange instead of blue, matching the other sword.[8] This was done to correspond with what is shown in the in-game cinematic.[9]
  • Mythic and Mythic+ dungeon groups are now listed separately in the Group Finder
  • The map for flight paths in the Broken Isles now shows only the path to your destination, how many world quests are up in a zone, as well as showing non-world quests on the map.[10]
  • A green arrow icon now appears in the upper-left corner for items that are a higher item level than what is equipped by your character.
  • [Ancient Mana] nodes now appear as blue on the Minimap instead of yellow.
  • The chat window now uses smooth scrolling.
  • Drop shadow on fonts in the game has changed. This may be a bug due to multiple players reporting that text in many places is now blurry and difficult to read.[11] A macro provided here fixes it in the chat window but does not persist between sessions.
  • Maps:
    • Player icons are now larger.
    • Player icons have a more noticeable black outline.
    • Player positions on the map update more frequently.
    • Dead party members now appear as Xs on the minimap (as a ghost and a dead body).
  • Relic item icons now have corner arrows attached to the border to stand out as socketable items.


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