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Icon-patch-22x22 Patch 7.3.2
Release date October 24, 2017
Latest version date January 16, 2018
Initial version 25326
Latest version 25549
Interface .toc 70300 (changes)
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Patch 7.3.2 is a minor patch to World of Warcraft: Legion, focused around updating a few of the backend systems in addition to making some final adjustments in preparation for the release of the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid.

The patch was deployed on the Public Test Realm on September 20, 2017[1] and released on October 24, 2017.

Last patch notes update: 2017-10-20


Patch 7.3.2 includes:

  • General bug fixes and minor class balance changes.
  • Additional currency support in
  • Additional tuning in preparation for Antorus, the Burning Throne raid dungeon's release.

While this minor patch adds in additional tuning for Antorus, this raid won’t be available with the release of patch 7.3.2, and will open at a later date.



  • Balance
    • Spell nature healingtouch [Touch of the Moon] trait redesigned. Now heals for an increasing amount per rank, with a fixed proc chance of 20% (was a fixed healing amount with a proc chance of 5% per rank). Additionally, will not proc if the caster is above 95% health.


  • Elemental
    • Spell shaman blessingofeternals [Shamanistic Healing] trait redesigned. Now heals for an increasing amount per rank, with a fixed cooldown of 30 seconds (was a fixed healing amount with a cooldown of [30 seconds minus 2 seconds] per rank).

Class Halls[]


  • Ability bossmagistrix timewarp1 [Convergence of Fates] now reduces the remaining cooldown on one of your powerful abilities by 4 seconds (was 5 seconds), and has 10% more primary stat.
  • Inv 7 0raid trinket 08c [Whispers in the Dark] cast speed bonus reduced by 40%, and has 20% more primary stat.
  • A number of class set items from legacy content can now be sold to vendors.

Legion Companion App[]

  • Restored the mission-complete button on the map.
  • Updated to support 7.3.2 patch.

Player versus Player[]

  • The weekly quest "N [70W] Something Different" should now reward the correct Inv misc treasurechest04d [Brawler's Footlocker] based on the active season.
  • The Primal Victory and Glorious Tyranny Illusions are now purchasable for 10 Marks of Honor for players who earned at least one of the following Achievements:
    • Glorious Tyranny:
      • Duelist or Hero of the Horde/Alliance in Season 14.
      • Duelist or Hero of the Horde/Alliance in Season 15.
    • Primal Victory:


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