The Path of Glory

Close-up on the Path of Glory pavement.

The Path of Glory is a road that leads from the foot of the Stair of Destiny to Hellfire Citadel, dividing the eastern half of Hellfire Peninsula. Upon closer inspection, the Path of Glory appears to be completely paved with trampled bones - the bones of the draenei victims of the Horde's demon-crazed genocidal rampage shortly before the opening of the Dark Portal.[1] The Horde outpost of Thrallmar is located to the north, and the Alliance fortress of Honor Hold is located to the south. Surrounding the road are the ruined human cannons and orcish blade throwers of the Second War.

The orcs killed over eighty percent of the draenei race:[2] approximately nine of every ten individuals.[3] The ruins of towns and temples of the draenei can be found in many places in Outland, but this road is the most extant example of the orc genocide on the draenei people themselves. When the history and origin of the Path of Glory was explained to Med'an, who is of part orcish and draenei ancestry, by his draenei great-uncle Vindicator Maraad, it only contributed to the shame he was feeling at the time of his orcish origins and the monstrous crimes they had committed.[4] Varok Saurfang considered the road one of the Horde's greatest shames.[5]

If the Pit Commander is killed, he respawns near Hellfire Citadel then takes this road back to the Stair of Destiny.



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