For the alternate character advancement system, see Path of the Titans (feature). For the garrison mission, see Training Path of the Titans.

As seen from above, through Crystalsong and the Dragonblight.

The Path of the Titans (called Path of Giants in one source)[1] is one of the many ancient roads built by the titan-forged during the ordering of Azeroth. It runs from Ulduar in the Storm Peaks, over the Terrace of the Makers, through Stormcrest and over Crystalsong Forest, down through the Dragonblight where it meets Wyrmrest Temple, then continues going south into the Frozen Sea. Portions of the Path can be found on the western side of the Strand of the Ancients and appear to continue on past it, heading further south. The Path of the Titans is in a state of disrepair. Jotun ever journeys its length in the Dragonblight. Lord Everblaze can be found near the small building at its northern edge.

During the Hour of Twilight, the Maw of Destruction emerged from below the road near Wyrmrest Temple, forcing Thrall and his Earthen Ring companions to fight through the tentacles and faceless ones to make the final push into the temple through the Chamber of Aspects. Several members of the Earthen Ring were killed during this assault. The Dragon Soul raid's entry point is on the Path of the Titans, just south of the Wyrmrest Temple, where Morchok blocks the path.


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