Patrice Lancaster Sends Word

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For the gnome version, see A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif Priest [8] Patrice Lancaster Sends Word.
AlliancePatrice Lancaster Sends Word
Start Priestess Alathea
High Priest Rohan
End Patrice Lancaster
Level 8 (Requires 8)
Type Class
Category Priest
Experience 150
Reputation +10 Stormwind
Next A Priest [8D] Favored of the Light


Speak to Patrice Lancaster at the Training Hall in Stormwind.


I have an urgent message for you from Stormwind, <name>. It seems that Speak to[sic] Patrice Lancaster has asked to speak with you at the Training Hall in Stormwind's Old Town district. The messenger did not say what the matter concerned, but that you should travel to Stormwind with all haste.


You will receive:


It heartens me to see that you received my message and responded so quickly.


This quest is only available to human, dwarf, and draenei priests. Versions for night elves and gnomes listed below.


  1. A Priest [8] Patrice Lancaster Sends Word (optional)
  2. A Priest [8D] Favored of the Light

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